Just as for the previous months, March brought us a lot of new indie games to try out. Overall, we’ve had a blast playing and trying new ones, and we’re eager to talk about them all.

Unfortunately, time is often a problem. What should we do, then? Easy!
Let’s toss them in our Lightly Toasted monthly roundup, add some videos from our YouTube channel and mix it all!

Ninja Tycoon

Ninja Tycoon is a cute little indie game in which you’ll build a ninja village and conquer the world by sending your warriors on secret missions. The concept is simple and the graphics look polished enough to make a short but solid game.

Potentially, you could keep playing for ages without an ending. It has some fun points, but the choice not to give players a way to lose or win was a big turnoff for me. What this game lacks is exactly the challenge and the mental involvement that comes from having a goal.

Still, it gave us a couple hours of well deserved rest from the whole world, being overall fun. After that, the game became a bit too much repetitive to keep playing.

You can find Ninja Tycoon on Steam  here.

Legendary Gary

From the programmer behind What Remains of Edith Finch, here comes a solo project that is expected to make you invest and enjoy a lot of your time! Gary is the most un-legendary person on this planet, lives with his mother, can’t find a job, and spends his days playing video games.

You will dive into his boring life – perhaps feeling a weird sense of empathy towards the life of that gamer guy- and make it legendary in a fictional world. Get ready for a lot of black humor, stunning hand-drawn graphics, and engaging gameplay. Kudos to its grungy soundtrack too!

Yes, warmly advised for everyone who enjoys RPGs!

Find Legendary Gary here.


Throwback to the good ol’ gameboy days, Squidlit is just the cutest adventure that I got my hands on. The player will impersonate a squid, travelling and discovering its pixely world.

A platformer definitely worth some attention, that will throw you back to that 90s nostalgia filling your ears with the pleasing sounds of the funbox we all had when we were kids.

Never hoped an indie game could take me back to the period of my life when I used to beat the kids in the playground at Pokémon… but hey they did, and I’m so very pleased of it!

Learn more on Squidlit’s Steam page!

The True Slime King

An hardcore-y overall fun platformer in which you will be impersonating a jelly square, in its attempt to take over the afterworld. Simple and fun mechanics, minimalistic art styles, and a great sound track make of it a little hidden gem that not many people know about.

The True Slime King is fun game that will have you learn from your mistakes, with colorblind options that are always a good addition to a rather psychedelic color scheme. We enjoyed it very much for the challenge it gave us and the fact that we had to figure out how to solve each level.

On the other hand, we found it to be a bit pricey compared to the offer, but the money would still be well spent.  Shout-out to its catchy and awesomely varied soundtrack!

You can buy The True Slime King here!

The Flood

Not exactly a game we only lightly toasted , but rather one too tiny to spend a full article on. The Flood is a five-minute interactive story by Ondrej Angelovic. With a cute artstyle and music by Josef Sarissky, this title’s the perfect treat to enjoy after a long day of work.

You will be put at the helm of a boat, gently sailing down a river. Debris and trees litter the banks, giving you something to avoid as you travel to your destination. It’s not the journey that matters though; it’s the words that accompany it!

We played The Flood in full on our YouTube channel, giving our readers a chance to enjoy it. The game is completely free to download and try out, by the way. If you like what you see, consider buying the “Support The Developers Package”. You’ll get access to the title’s full soundtrack as well as a series of extras.

The Flood’s on Steam right here!