After a few hours, my head was a mess; so many puzzles and so many solutions. Iris.Fall is an adventure puzzle game that doesn’t go easy on you. With a variety of enigmas, you will be sailing through some while others are going to leave you completely stumped. It’s not only the gameplay that will leave you scratching your head, the story is also a mystery.

If you want a challenge Iris.Fall is right up your street. Just don’t be ashamed to have to leave the game sometimes, some of these puzzles can leave you tempted to quit completely. They can difficult and mind-melting but are they good enough to pull you back after pushing you away?

Think You Can Solve This?

Iris.Fall starts with a young girl who has just awoken from an awful nightmare. Seeing a strange cat by the window, she follows it down a long corridor. Then the colour drains from the world around you and the mystery begins. You find books that let you change into the shadow realm and back, to help navigate through your The Indie Toaster, Iris Fall, Puzzle Game surroundings. It is all rather strange and you have no clue where this cat is taking you. As you continue through the game, you learn more about the story in tiny segments. I will keep things spoiler-free and just say: it really didn’t go how I thought it would.

The story of Iris.Fall is confusing and very strange but at the same time extremely interesting. The plot is very compelling and you are left wanting to know what on earth is going on. In fact, Iris.Fall has a way of balancing not making any sense with making perfect sense at the same time. It is definitely something hard to explain and more of something you have to try for yourself.

The Beauty Of Iris.Fall

Straight away, I was amazed by the beauty of Iris.Fall. The art style and the scenes are just fantastic, they compliment the game so well. The use of limited colour to really empathises items or areas was gorgeous. The cut scenes had a very Studio Ghibli vibe and I could rave about its beauty all day.The Indie Toaster, Iris Fall, Puzzle Game

Though Iris.Fall‘s true beauty comes from its puzzles. These were a perfect balance between frustration and elation. A few times I had to call it quits because I was so confused. It wasn’t long though, that I was running straight back to try new ideas. The enigmas were a great mix: some relied on you going through trial and error, while others needed a more logical approach. Iris.Fall tests you beautifully and there really is a puzzle for everyone.

I have played a lot of puzzle games and yet Iris.Fall showed me new puzzle styles. Somewhere completely new, while others were quirky twists on once common riddles. Additionally, the enigmas were all short and sweet. Having them as near enough one-time things was brilliant. While you had the underlying theme of light and shadow, everything else was just fun snippets. This meant if you really struggled with one type, it didn’t matter as it wouldn’t happen again.

Everyone Has An Ugly Side

My main frustration is something that really shouldn’t bother me but, it really does. A lot of the puzzles could be solved if the main character could jump. Having the The Indie Toaster, Iris Fall, Puzzle Game solution so close it is in your grips can be so aggravating. The cat could jump, the shadow girl could jump but I couldn’t. It is silly really to get annoyed but it felt like it diminished the puzzle. If there was just a further distance or a greater height between platforms it would be more of an achievement to solve it. Instead, you had a step you could make but had to move platforms because you were incapable of raising your foot.

The controls themselves were pretty smooth. With the fixed camera angles the movement will always feel a bit clunky, but I didn’t run into too many objects. It did make moving at times tricky; although not enough to really affect the game.

I had no major issues with Iris.Fall, in fact it was an amazing game. It gave me such joy when I finished it and I really feel like I accomplished something. If you enjoy puzzles games, you have to give this one a go. It will leave you pulling out your hair and really test your wits. With Iris.Fall out on steam, don’t miss out on this beautiful game!