Indie Mobile Games Roundup – October

On the Indie Toaster, we don’t usually get the chance to talk about mobile games. Such a category is too often considered to be less valuable or irrelevant in the gaming market, and it’s left to casual gamers to enjoy.

However, the growing quality of smartphones comes the option to have such machines in our pockets we’d never would’ve thought to have, some years back. With it, the option to play increasingly complex and innovative games in the palm of our hand. We often undervalue the power of mobile gaming, the revenue of which pretty much equals that of both pc and consoles together (source:

Additionally, with such a device comes the option to reach broader audiences. Often adult people who don’t usually play video games find themselves enjoying a casual match on their phones.

To make up to the stigma that mobile gaming has had in the past, we believe it is right to write about it in a new monthly series exclusively dedicated to this world, and the many interesting games it can gift to us. Enough with the talk, let’s start with our indie mobile games roundup!

Solbot: Energy Rush

Solbot: Energy Rush

Presented to us by Freakout Games, Solbot: Energy Rush is a fun casual game about a robot flying and collecting energy spheres.

The game itself is not too innovative, but it runs smoothly and has a couple of twist points distinguishing it from others. Firstly, conversations between Solbot and its captain give us the chance to learn about the games’ story. Furthermore, we’ll learn about energy saving and the environment through these brief narrative windows. A noble message, especially if put in the perspective of mobile games and the almost proverbial lack of depth surrounding the most mainstream experiences.

Soon, you’ll fly among the stars, dodge obstacles and collect bonuses to complete each level. Solbot: Energy Rush is a simple but solid game that has been able to have me return to it multiple times while waiting for the bus or having spare moments. Trust me: the game is a retro experience that will leave you delighted.

My only issue with the game is that I had some minor lag problems when my phone was connected to wifi and showing ads. Here and there I had some frame freeze, but apart from that, my time with the game has been enjoyable.

The game is completely free and available on all Android and Apple devices.

Ava Airborne

The second game we present you is a cute project by British Independent studio Laser DogAva Airborne is a little girl who dreams of flying. With her inseparable hang glider and the many other collectible tools get, players will help her realize this dream.

By collecting powerups and interacting with the objects on the way, you’ll play one of the most polished and enjoyable endless runners I’ve ever put my hands on. An experience for humans of all ages, that will do for a fun and childlike experience. There are two modalities: single and multiplayer, both of them coming with different aircrafts and obstacles.

Ava Airborne is free and monetizes through in-game purchases, but those won’t limit the possibility to enjoy the freebie way. If you’re interested, you can find it on the Apple store, and it will soon release for Android as well.

The Tower of Egbert

The Tower Of Egbert

We first heard of The Tower of Egbert at EGX Rezzed, and got the chance to have a brief chat with its devs.

The game is about  a magician, who wishes to live in a dreamlike tower as high as the sky above. The player’s role is, of course, to make that happen. With your skills, you’ll put together a tower in which the little guy will live.

Different pieces will show up during the gameplay so to build more and more complex buildings. It’s a cute experience that’ll have you playing and scratching your head to create the best Tower for Egbert and his oddest wishes.

You can find the game on the Apple store here; it will also be available on Android soon.

Lost Tracks

This game is a blast from the past. Not exactly one of the most recent ones, as it was released in 2016, Lost Tracks is one of those gems we simply couldn’t have in our websites; talk about developing for mobile!

This short and poetic narrative experience lets us impersonate in a young boy who sees a girl on a train. Battling between going or not, he looses himself in his own thoughts and imaginative world. We then have to help him find the courage to go approach her, and we do so not only with touch screen inputs, but also by talking into the phone’s microphone and by moving accordingly from what you hear from background noises. A rather smart move by the young and talented developers at The Animation Workshop, that have been to make use of the device in the best way possible.

You can have look at Lost Tracks for free on the Apple store.

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