In a few words, Impulsion is a first-person platformer relying on both aiming skills and reflexes. You wake up in a lab and find out that you’re a robot, named MP-52. You follow the directions of an AI called Archie to the control room. This is when you start your fast-paced and stressful journey to the end.

The gameplay is rather simple. Using A, S, D, W and your mouse, you’ll have to find a way to move through the levels. In addition to that, you’re equipped with two gravity guns that shoot force fields. The blue gun speeds you up and allows you to jump much higher and further. Whereas, the red gun slows you down and allows for better directional control.

What is Impulsion?

There are 25 varying levels in Impulsion, each with its own unique challenging aspect. Some are easy, and you can run through barely needing to slow down;   others require you to review the environment and figure out the best and quickest way to make it through.


The environment sometimes moves, and you must use your guns accordingly. To reach further distances, like in the level above, you could fire more than one blue force field. I found a lot of the time I would be speeding things up, mostly because the red gun can only be used on red rectangle pads; which there usually weren’t many of.

Nearly everything can be manipulated in one way or another. I was always speeding myself up – because there’s no sprint feature – but doing that would sometimes lead to my death. Sometimes I would create a force field on a moving pad before I got to it and misjudge the distance and die. Or run around a corner without looking and get hit by a laser.

Those things can be avoided by slowing way down, but the game enthuses you to go as fast as possible. Annoyingly, there are no checkpoints. Once you die, you are respawned at the beginning of the level. Clearly, this might lead to a bit of grinding and the typical repetitiveness of any platformer.

Want More Of A Challenge?

Impulsion has three different challenges to choose from. You’ll switch between the Story, a competitive, and  a speed run mode. The story mode is easier and follows a basic sci-fi plot. Competitive, instead, is where you try to beat levels as fast as you possibly can. ImpulsionYour time will be compared to other players on Steam, including your friends. Finally, the speed run mode has an inbuilt timer, to amp up the pressure. Those modes are for the most skilled of players.

However, speed run mode can only be accessed once you’ve completed the main story. It’s good that Driving Force Games added the extra game modes as it gives players goals to achieve once you finished the main story. If you’re like me and are quite competitive, competitive and speed run mode will be right up your alley!

Like I mentioned earlier, there is an AI named Archie that speaks to you. Along with that, your character does have his own voice. Archie and MP-52 regularly talk to each other, mostly about how the tests are cruel and the reason why we must go through them.

The Sarcasm Was Killing Me

The voice acting of MP-52 is sub-par, but that didn’t really bother me. What did bother me was Archie. The actor used for the Archie was good, but the character was constantly trying to belittle you.


Every time you died, Archie would give a snide comment. Usually things about a vacuum could do it better, and how he thought you would have made it further. All in a sarcastic disappointed tone.

Archie had many speech dialogues and it very quickly got on my nerves. It wasn’t long until I muted the voices and was left with the subtitles. Even seeing Archie’s dialog in the subtitles annoyed me, but I left it on for the story. This may not bother others, but I found it put me off my game and resulted in me dying more often. Maybe if the sarcasm wasn’t so frequent, it would have made Impulsion more enjoyable for me.

What’s The Verdict?

I’m happy to report I did not come across bugs. Impulsion ran smoothly with no frame rate issues or glitches. Each level felt more challenging than the last in its own way and kept me trying to figure out the quickest way to beat it.

 And that’s all I need to reccomend this game! If you want to give it a go, Impulsion is available for purchase on Steam.