From time to time, we hear about some pretty unique takes on a specific genre. As soon as we saw the cows flying, Sunscale Studios’ Hyss definitely got our attention. So we did what any person would have done: we dug deeper!

A project whose alpha version has already been available on for a while, Hyss presents itself as an innovative puzzle game. Instead of collecting keys or stepping on stones, players will have to throw cows and explore an ancient forest to progress through the plot.

The Swedish studio behind it is almost done with the development process and Hyss should already hit the shelves in December 2018. To mark the occasion, a brand-new teaser trailer which showcases some of this indie game’s mechanics was uploaded to the team’s channel a few days ago.

What Makes Hyss So Special?

Puzzle and platformer games are arguably the most common choice among first-time indie devs. These titles remain relatively easy to build and release, meaning thousands of them end up on both Steam and the Google Play Store every year. The bad news, however, is that most lack the meat to keep players engaged!

With its colorful scenery, the multiple playable characters, and the cow-throwing mechanics, on the contrary, Hyss immediately stands out. It looks like Sunscale Studios went out of their way to make this a unique experience. Their indie game spans through different biomes, comes with an original soundtrack, and includes collectible treasure that unlocks new features.

While we can’t give you a full assessment of Hyss before it is officially out on December 13th, we know this title deserves a spot on our To-Do list. And if what you just read sounds interesting, you can already add the game to your Wish-List by visiting its official Steam page here!