Having come from the same developer that created New Retro Arcade: Neon- a nostalgic trip into an 80s/90s arcade – Digital Cybercherries’ HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed is another game built off the back of nostalgia. However, Digital Cybercherries has managed to create a completely new and fun tower defense experience as well.

Although HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed entered early access over 18 months ago and was well-received, the developer has been constantly seeking to improve it from day one. Now, as the game has entered early access 2.0, it looks more polished than ever.

From Clunky to Captivating

While HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed was already a fairly solid game before its newest update, Digital Cybercherries has managed to vastly improve numerous aspects of the game. From player movement to new gameplay features, this recent update has added many new layers to the game.

It is true that the game was enjoyable before early access 2.0, but its performance was slightly unreliable and clunky. On top of that, it often felt like there was little to strive for due to all of its customization options being immediately available to players. There were not many levels to unlock, nor were there many “building” options.

All of these issues have been fixed. A top-of-the-line PC seems to be required to run this game well at maximum performance, but Digital Cybercherries does provide players with enough performance settings to allow the game to run on just about any PC. Customization options have also been locked and can now only be unlocked by completing certain tasks in-game.

There are now 12 unique levels available for players to unlock and play. Additionally, a tower defense would fail to be a real tower defense without various “building” options, so adding new buildable defenses was a must for the developer.

Player movement now feels extremely smooth, as does jumping and vaulting over obstacles; its gameplay and design are much simpler and clearer. Though nothing less would be expected from a game that earned the title of Players Choice: Best Upcoming Indie of 2018 on IndieDB.com.

hypercharge unboxed - kitchen battlegrounds

It Feels Good to be a Kid Again

For those who have yet to give this game a shot or have not seen much regarding how it plays, HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed is essentially a co-op tower defense set in a scaled-down world. You play as an action figure that defends the Hypercore from oncoming enemies as they tear through your defenses.

This game formula has given the developer plenty of options for unique level design and enemies, and Digital Cybercherries did not disappoint. The levels are beautifully crafted and the maneuverability within the level astounded me from the very beginning.

While HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed really is a unique experience, the process of defending towers from opposing action figures and other enemy types was a very nostalgic experience. Nothing beats feeling like a kid again as I defended my towers from the top of a bathtub.

This type of nostalgia echoed throughout my whole experience with the game. From toy aisles in superstores to a cluttered bedroom, every level designed by Digital Cybercherries clearly was birthed from its fond memories of childhood.

hypercharge unbloxed warehouse alley


If there were anything I would hope for Digital Cyberries to change about the game, it would be the preset controls and keybinds. Playing on a controller was a nightmare until I had managed to bind each individual button to the action they would typically be used for. This took forever and even then there were a few actions that couldn’t even be applied to the controller.

However, all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed. To be fair, I did enjoy my time with it before its newest update, but it was not nearly as enjoyable as it is now. The game is smoother, simpler, and contains much more content for players to enjoy now!

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed is available on Steam for $14,99 US or your regional equivalent.