Some of the biggest issues for people who want to create games are the art and music. It seems there isn’t a huge overlap between people who can program, and people who make art. There’s even an upcoming game jam on called “I can’t draw, but want to make  game.” Well, Humble Bundle doesn’t just have deals on video games, and they have a solution with their 8-Bit Pixel Game Dev bundle.

This bundle has over 40 different asset packs that can help someone create a good looking game. If you were to pay full price for all of these, it would add up to $670.00. That’s a pretty big chunk of cash, but as always Humble Bundle is offering it for much less, with the top tier being $25  – or more if you want. After all, it does support charity.

Tiers of Available Assets

The 8-Bit Pixel Game Dev bundle is a mix of various things that can be a big help when making a game. Each tier is full of pixel-art assets, *-bit songs, SFX, tilesets, and more. Some of the packages are even enough to make a small game on their own, like the Tiny RPG Dungeon Kit. food and kitchenware 8-bit pixel game dev bundle

There are 12 asset packs in the first tier, which will cost only $1 to unlock. The second tier has 11 more packs, and costs $15.08. The final tier will unlock the last 19 packs and for that you have to pay at least $25.

pixel house set 8-bit pixel game dev bundle

No need to think that using premade assets is bad for a game. After all the award winning mod turned game project, The Forgotten City, used premade assets as a proof of concept. It’s not custom assets vs premade, it’s how you use them.

So why not get yourself a leg up and help out charities at the same time? If you want to know more about this deal, you can do that right here. Remember that purchasing the 8-Bit Pixel Game Dev bundle through any of the links in this article will also allow you to support The Indie Toaster.

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