Everyone loves to make sure their brain is still working every now and again. Some people do this by completing crosswords or solving a tricky Sudoku. Personally I like to shake the dust of me old cogs with an escape game. Home Darkness-Escape is a short escape game that places you in a very strange house with no obvious way out.

Which way is the exit?

The Indie Toaster, Review, Home Darkness-Escape, point and clickPoint and click adventures are never truly story driven. They may start with a brief introduction or a pile of cheesy dialogue and that’s about it. All you really need to know is that you’re trapped and have to find the way out. The challenge tends to lie in getting the exit to work or open. In Home Darkness-Escape the exit is as much of a mystery as why you are in the house in the first place.

Starting in the foyer you pick up keys and unlock doors, but there is no door that leads to the outside world. A few of the progressions took logic such as scissors cut rope. Other times I was randomly clicking in attempts to continue. Once every door The Indie Toaster, Review, Home Darkness-Escpae, point and clickin the house was open, I was stuck. With no guidance or story I did question what I was meant to be doing. Okay I know I have to escape but how? While this did add to the puzzle and made things a lot harder it also made the game feel more like random clicking than having a purpose. By not having a known exit I didn’t have an end point to aim for.

When I did finally discover the exit it was an…unexpected one.. It did fit in well with the games theme but at the same time made no sense. I have to admit I love the uniqueness of the games finale, but it really could of made more out of it. This all falls back on the lack of guidance that has really hindered the game.

Scary from the floor to the ceiling

Home Darkness-Escape places you in a creepy, dark and dingy house. Beautifully crafted the house manages to convey a horror movie style set up. The colours really The Indie Toaster, Review, Home Darkness-Escape, point and clickcreate an unnerving vibe. It was just a shame when you clicked on an item it would zoom into a close up that was very blurry. This caused all the details on the items to be lost.

There were a variety of unique and detailed rooms. The house felt realistic as every room was different. The background design was lovely, moonlight shone through windows and  cast shadows across the rooms. This made the contrast with the close up images more obvious. The Indie Toaster, Review, Home Darkness-Escape, point and click

Can Home Darkness-Escape compare to a flash game?

There are tons of flash escape the room games and personally I have played hundreds of them. When it comes to point and click I adore these games for their simple yet challenging nature. Home Darkness-Escape has high standards to meet due to the vast amount of games in this genre. When you can get these wonderful games for free online you will expect a lot from one you have to pay for.The Indie Toaster, Review, Home Darkness-Escape, point and clickHome darkness-escape does have its features to make it stand out from the crowd. It has a quick time section and a final solution which is a bit different to the rest. It does also lacked some basic features like a way to save your game. Which is funny as The Indie Toaster, Review, Home Darkness-Escape, point and clickon the main menu there is a button that says “Resume game”. While it tries to add new things to the genre it fails to meet some basic requirements. This means that no matter how many cool feature there are the game just doesn’t hit the mark.

It also can be very pedantic at times. I clicked on an item and because I didn’t click on the exact spot it didn’t do anything. I tried to figure out my next step feeling a little confused. Little did I know all I had to

do was move my mouse 1mm to the left. All these little things start to add up and that was the downfall of this game.

Should you flash your cash?

Home Darkness-Escape is an average point and click adventure. There is nothing really special about the game. As much as it was just average I would still recommend giving it a try. Our expectations for escape games are high because we have been given so many for free.  We need to start appreciating thins genre though and giving the creators the recognition they deserve.

For only $1.86 it is not the worst thing to spend money on. Why not support a genre that has given us so much for free while giving you brain a little work out. Can you escape a this house of horrors?