In our effort to support the growing Italian indie dev community, The Indie Toaster is often on the lookout for hidden homegrown gems. Yesterday, we heard that newborn studio Not a Number is about to release Helheim; the group’s first commercial game.

The announcement came on Twitter, where the developers also hinted at a collaboration with industry veteran 34 Big Things. Helheim should hit the shelves earlier next year, possibly on February 1st, 2019, and is expected to deliver a fun and compelling experience.

The Trailer

The trailer presents us with the main Hack’n Slash mechanics with bullet hell inspirations.

It also introduces us to Hella, goddess of death, in a quest to  get her kingdom back. Armed with her sole sword, she will have to make her way through hell, by dodging bullets, deflecting them and taking advantage of her superpowers. This last feature also includes the option to adapt the acquired skills in order to match your way of playing, and to personalize and make your character more responsive to each one’s style.

We got the chance to play a prototype in the past, and found the game to be smooth and addictive;  therefore we’ve got to admit we were pretty excited for its release announcement.

Big Plans Ahead For Not A Number

Helheim isn’t only a first for its developer, however: with this game, the team behind the successful racing game Redout (34BigThings) is trying its hand in the world of publishing. Following the adrenalinic line traced by Redout, 34BigThings may have declared their decision to start a publishing line alongside their development intent.

Whether this is the case or it’s just an una tantum situation, it’s good to see new game-related businesses on the rise in the Italian scene; a market which too often is stuck and behind other European countries with just a few lucky exceptions.

We can’t help but wish good luck to Not A Number!