Do you have a partner in crime with whom you could rule the world!? Time to put those skills to the test with Hacktag, a 2 player cooperative stealth game that tasks you with espionage. After playing a level at EGX Rezzed, I got my paws on the game and gave it a whirl with my own dream-team!

In Hacktag, one person play as a Stealth Agent while the other plays a Hacker. Using your different abilities and teamwork, you are tasked to carry out espionage missions. The only way to succeed is by working together to avoid cameras, lasers and more!

“Look Out For The Cameras!”

Like most games, before you can start a mission, you must create a character. Only difference is that The Indie Toaster, Hacktag, Review all the characters are animals. Once you have chosen your species and outfit, it is time to select a mission contract. Then there is a fun text scenario to play out, if you wish to engage in a little role play.

This allows you to choose a line of dialogue to respond to your employer. Being the sarcastic people we are, my partner and I chose the more light-hearted responses. The comedy that ensued was great and gave us a great chuckle.

The Indie Toaster, Hacktag, Review

When the mission starts, you must rely on each other to sneak through a well guarded location. Your objective?  Collect data in order to find the code for the master computer, allowing you to extract the needed information. The Stealth Agent must unlock firewalls to allow the Hacker to move through the network and, the hacker must disable cameras to let their friend move around.

My Time As A Spy

My first experience with Hacktag was on a local play, which make the game a bit The Indie Toaster, Hacktag, Review easier. Hacktag relies a lot on communication and this is a lot easier when the other person’s sitting next to you. Local play allowed us to point things out on the screen to each other and gave us a better understanding of what the other person was trying to do.

After downloading the game at home, I set up a Skype call with a friend. We loaded up Hacktag and I became a Hacker. For myself, Hacker was not a great role as it doesn’t fit my play style. This is not saying that I didn’t enjoy it, more that it is not my preferred role.

Your movement is restricted, which makes things tricky, but that is where you rely on teamwork. I found myself more at home with Hacktag when playing the Stealth The Indie Toaster, Hacktag, Review Agent role. It felt more like a classic stealth mission, but with a guardian angel watching over you!

Even though Hacktag is a co-op heavy game, there is also a solo mode. This mode is harder, as you’ll cover two roles at once. I did really enjoy the challenge, though, as it helped me build up my skill and understand each role a lot better.

Overall. I love Hacktag; it is quick paced and stealthy. I love  co-op games and it is as shame so many are just competitive. The need for teamwork in this game made it so there was no competition, though you could battle for points if you wanted. It was quirky and like no other game I have played before.

Who Would Be Your Hacktag Partner In Crime?

I played this game with a friend I have know for a few months and another who I have known for years. Both times, I really enjoyed the game. As long as you have good communication you should be set.

There are a few small things that did make the experience fall a little short from perfect, though. As I said, I wasn’t a fan of the the hacker movement. This was down to the spacing between nodes which you’d travel between and the fact that sometimes you character would shoot off when you didn’t even press anything.

It is a minor thing but it led to me getting caught several times, which hindered the experience. Other than that, the game was brilliant; a great light-hearted game to enjoy with your friends. It helps strengthen relationships rather than tear them down!

I had so much fun creating a Vixen spy team called Vix and Vex, who are ready to hack any computer. Hacktag is relaxed, exciting and just a lot of fun. So grab yourself a partner… its time to go hacking!