Old seems to be the new…well, new! With remakes and old school games like Tanglewood, creating new entries for old genres, it is not surprising to see a roll cage style game burst onto the scene.

Forget the modern racing games because Grip: Combat Racing has entered the scene. Drive on walls and ceilings, in a car that can even move upside-down, armed to the teeth.

Grip: Combat Racing looks back to the PlayStation 1 era, when racing games didn’t focus on realism. From its vehicles to the race types, the game has some rather unique features.

Has Grip: Combat Racing turned out to be a game made just for those who want to relive nostalgia, or can it capture the modern audience?

Rev Your Engines

When I opened Grip: Combat Racing I was immediately drawn to the campaign. Starting off with an optional tutorial, I felt ready to race.
It showed me The Indie Toaster, Grip: Combat Racing, racing gameall the cool features but, what it really excelled at was getting me excited to play.

I am usually terrible at racing games; I crash, I come dead-last and I can’t control a car to save my life.

With Grip: Combat Racing, I could be terrible and it didn’t matter. I flipped my car and it can keep driving. I hit a wall and I got to drive up it. What really made it exhilarating though, was these mistakes looked cool and made me feel like I was doing epic tricks. When playing the campaign, my experience continued to get better. The variety of race modes and the chaos of each race was so much fun.

The best thing about Grip: Combat Racing is that no matter how much you crash, how many time someone hits you with a missile, you always have the ability to win. In a single lap, you can go from dead-last to first, and I did. The races are not about completing the course perfectly, this makes re-doing levels not feel so much like a chore. You don’t make one mistake and think, well let’s not waste time I should just start again.The Indie Toaster, Grip: Combat Racing, racing game

To progress through the campaign, it also doesn’t constantly ask the player to win every race. The campaign works by having tiers: to unlock the next one, you must complete all the tournaments in the tier before. When you enter a tier, the first tournament is unlocked and you have to complete it in order to unlock the next. This doesn’t mean to come first though, sometimes it just requires you to finish the tournament even if that means you came last. Other times it will ask you to come 6th or 5th. While in some cases you do have to win, having taken the pressure away from always having to be first allows you to really enjoy the game.

Playing Grip: Combat Racing Solo Or With Your Crew

While also having a campaign, Grip: Combat Racing includes a single player mode. This allows you to experience everything the game has on offer. You chose your The Indie Toaster, Grip: Combat Racing, racing gamemode to play whether it Speed Demon Race, Battle Arena or the multiple other options. This allows you to practice and build up your skills, while also getting to experience the 22 different tracks the game has. This is also where you find the mode Carkour, 19 point-to-point beat the clock levels testing all your skills. These wacky little missions are really fun and really helped me learn how to control the car.

Alternatively, you can go head-to-head with other players. Either on a split screen or online and test your skill against real racers. While the AI cars can have some skill, playing against others is a real test of your driving ability. Grip: Combat Racing is a fantastic game to play with friends as it is a light-hearted fun game. It can have serious competitive elements but, overall it is a great game to have a laugh with friends.

The Indie Toaster, Grip: Combat Racing, racing game

Let’s Get Racing

Grip: Combat Racing is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox allowing you to drive to speeds of up to 767mph on four different exotic planets. With a large variety of race types, it is a game for all. Seasoned players can master the flips and jumps to get the best out of the course. If you lack racing game skill, you can also have an amazing experience because mistakes are not always bad.