If you are looking for a holiday location this year, I would avoid Giraffe Town. Its roads are crumbling, it’s rather dreary and the locals are strange, to say the least. Giraffe Town is a dark yet humorous game where you play as one of its more depressed locals, Mr. Giraffe. From kids ruining his game introduction to having slippery feet, it is not easy being a giraffe.

Giraffe Town feels like the mentally disturbed younger brother of Octodad. A game for those who have patience, as limb control is not the easiest. Giraffe Town was extremely different to what I expected, but not always for the right reasons.

Welcome To Giraffe Town  The Indie Toaster, Giraffe Town

Starting with a quirky tutorial Giraffe Town straight away teaches you all you need to know. Setting the tone of the game off brilliantly, with its self-aware comments and design. Controlling Mr. Giraffe is like ice skating in stilts but, the tutorial quickly gets you into the feel of his movement. The tutorial is possibly my favorite part.

Moving into the main game, you are faced with a choice. Do you answer the phone? Or start the long walk to see the love of your life? I chose to get walking and this is where the real challenge kicked in. Navigating down a long and winding road is hard when you are a giraffe. At first, the game feels unforgiving and that every slight mistake leads to you going back to where you started. As you get more used to the controls you realize this isn’t true. Making those last second saves and never knowing where the next checkpoint is getting your adrenaline going.

There is no way of knowing how much longer you have to walk, the road seems unending. As you hit each checkpoint you are left amazed that there is more to go. This starts to get painful, leading you to make risky moves and trying to go faster. Which in turn makes you more likely to mess up. When you finally get to the end of the long journey you understand the exhaustion Mr. Giraffe is suffering.

The Journey Has Only Just Begun

The Indie Toaster, Giraffe Town

It is at this point Giraffe Town took a bizarre turn. While the whole dynamic of the game seemed to be the idea of having slippery feet, you suddenly acquire shoes and can walk normally. It was the inability to walk that made the game fun, and for a while it seemed like the challenge had been taken away. The next part of the game was easy and was only drawn out because of the overly long cutscenes.

Giraffe Town has a fair few cutscenes, but they are all pretty funny so it didn’t bother me. What did start to grate me was the massive sections of long pauses each one had. It made the game feel slow, and while some dramatic pauses were funny they were always just too long. I found myself not really being interested in what was happening; which was a shame, as the dialogue is really witty.

The Indie Toaster, Giraffe Town

The story has so many twists and turns. Each time you think you know what is going to happen, you are wrong. This is what I loved about Giraffe Town! Which is why it is such a shame it hasn’t been delivered well. The whole experience has a gripping storyline, which unfortunately gets lost in the silence.

It’s not just the long cutscenes that started to get frustrating. Having slippery feet made the controls frustrating but in a way that made you want to try again. Later in the game, when you acquire a gun, controls get frustrating in a way that makes it feel impossible. The aiming is terrible and makes using the gun feel like a chore.

I Hope You Enjoyed Your Stay

Currently available on Steam, Giraffe Town is a must play game, if you have a lot of patience. It has amazing humor and a fantastic story.

Unfortunately, it is really let down by its long cutscenes and poor aiming system. The fourth wall breaking and player mocking are great features, but is it enough? I played over half the game in one sitting but the last bit of the game I had to keep taking breaks. Giraffe Town is a fun game if you stop playing about two-thirds of the way through.