Sometimes a game comes around that gets its hooks into me, that causes me to sit for hours on end and play.  Apparently, the team at Milkbag Games have created such a game. Welcome to FutureGrind; let’s explore it together!

A Gentle Ride

The first time I booted it, FutureGrind put me in front of a nice clean start screen, preceded by a neat text box. A lovely woman by the name of Ada introduced herself and asked to see if I had what it takes.

Future Grind Tutorial Screenshot

So far, so normal; nothing I hadn’t seen before. After our brief chat,  I’m taken away to ride a bike. I realize I’m now being taught how to play. It’s an excellent simple tutorial level: straight lines, manageable jump, clear explanations.

Without over-complicating things, this quick experience told me what the FutureGrind was all about .The introduction did such an excellent job of showing me how the game worked that, I must admit, I got a bit overconfident.

A Steep, But Fun Climb

However, things took a turn – nothing too hard mind you – around the third level. Due to the fact that the player will unlock new bikes as the game progresses, FutureGrind constantly tests your ability to adapt.

The second bike I played with, for example, had two different coloured wheels. The tracks are also colour-coded, and your wheels can’t touch a colour that is not their own. The concept seems complex, but it becomes easy enough to manage once you get the hang of it.

That is, at least, until you start adding spins and jumps into the mix. If the bike turns too much or you can’t get enough distance to land with the right wheel, the track and the whole match are immediately over.  As the levels progressively get faster and more intricate, the indie game can be challenging even for seasoned players.

Future Grind Colour-Coded Tracks Gif

The difficulty curve, however, is where FutureGrind really stands out. The mistakes you make are always the player’s fault. There no AI to make your life harder and the obstacles don’t change. If you are willing to put in the time and the effort to learn the levels, they eventually become more natural and fun.

Hop To It

Speaking of level design, Milkbag has done a stand out job: everything, from the bikes to the tracks themselves, is clean and crisp. Even the faster levels have a fluidity to them. This is a game about finding the best approach. Do you go for the high score  -which means more risk – or should you play it safe to reach the end? The choice is up to you.

FutureGrind also never slows down. As I already said, throughout the whole game new mechanics are added. These come in the form of the aforementioned new bikes, but also through orbs that will appear in the later stages of the indie game.

The variety of vehicles and the multiple paths one can follow as they complete each level keep FutureGrind fresh; even over long periods of time. I often found myself going back to tracks I had already completed; only to beat my high score or try a different approach.

Why, you ask? Because it’s fun, which is exactly what any indie game should be!

Future Grind Bouncing Orbs GIF

Finally, along with its beautiful visuals, FutureGrind also has a fantastic soundtrack that I feel deserves a mention. Composed by veteran musician Bignic, every track featured in the game feels alive. The beats perfectly accompany your attempts and the whole experience a lot more immersive.

This is the FutureGrind

Normally, I would end a review by asking whether an indie game is worth the money. If you can’t tell, my answer for FutureGrind is simply a yes. From the moment I first got into a level, I was hooked. Granted, there are tracks that I struggled to complete the first time around but I could feel a perfect balance between fun and challenge.

At the time of writing, FutureGrind is available for PS4, Nintendo Switch (which I reviewed it on) and also on PC through SteamFor the Price of $19.99 – or your regional equivalent –  this is the perfect game if you’re looking for something to relax that also offers a lot of replayability!