After a brief -summer hiatus, we’re back to our schedule and ready to dive into the magic world of free indie games. The Indie Toaster chose some among the most promising ones by their cover and decided to give them a go.

A few hours of playtime later, here we are to give you our opinions and maybe suggest new titles to play. Let’s start!

Streets of rogue free indie games

Streets Of Rogue

First suggested by our friends at Indie Expo, Streets of Rogue is one of the most polished indie rogue-lite on the market. Developed by solo dev Matt Dabrowski,  this game offers procedurally generated city maps, in a game that allows players to be just as free as they want.

Destroy or wander, fight or avoid. It’s all up to you! Given some unique RPG-styled quests, you’ll also be able to interact with NPCs and hire them for your goals. A unique take on the genre, based on experimentation and discovery, you certainly don’t want to miss this out!

11 stages 11 lives 11 minutes free indie games

11 Stages, 11 Lives, 11 Minutes

The second free indie game for September is a quirky little project I stumbled upon while browsing the net. Notable more for its concept than the actual rendition of it, 11 Stages, 11 Lives, 11 Minutes gives players a limited amount of time and chances to complete some stages -you guess how many of each.

Simple in its puzzles and old-school graphics, the experiment is indeed rather fun and… not as simple as you think to complete. You’ll need many tries and mistakes, or at least did I.

disconnected free indie games


An experience of alienation in the workplace, Disconnected is a short adventure about an office employee, created by Filipino developer Reb as a first time project .

In five to ten minutes you’ll get the time to explore and experience increasing anxiety and disconnection, impersonating a worker in extreme need of a break, and maybe some medical aid.

With everyone being so busy minding their own business, the poor guy will have no one to count on but himself. A short charming story about self determination and freedom, I really enjoyed Disconnected and its surprise finale. If you have ten minutes to spare, definitely consider diving into this adventure. 

Negative Space free indie games

Negative Space

Developed by a team of three (Cukia Kimani; Henrike Lode;Tim Harbour ) in  72 hours only during South Africa Game Jam 2018, Negative Space is among the most interesting free indie games of the month, hands on.

Following the theme of alienation, Negative Space extents it to its limit by setting the adventure in outer space. The protagonist, an astronaut, has few to no human interactions and is confined to its spaceship. One day, opening its fridge to satisfy his craves, he’s dropped into another dimension.

Is he going crazy? Is there something else happening? You’ll know that only by playing and getting immersed in a stunningly polished adventure. 

Super helpful man free indie games

Extra Gem: Super Helpful Man

This last extra suggestion isn’t exactly from this month, being a game built for 2017 Ludum Dare, but it has undergone quite a few edits, and it’s on its own a witty dark-comedy-packed artwork.

Super Helpful Man is about the village handy man who’s become old, but certainly does not want to give up on being useful to the community. In a twenty minutes time, you will be dragged into the bittersweet story of this man, laughing out loud about every pun included. PointBleep Studios, the team behind this project, has since expanded the game and changed it quite a bit, in order to release on Steam.  You can keep an eye on its progress here, if you wish.

By the same team, we tried The Mind Of Marlo , brilliant humorous game about mental health a while ago, if you want to check it out.