May is here and you know what that means. We have a brand new list of great free indie games we think you should check out! Here’s The Indie Toaster’s round-up for this month.

If you like any of our suggestions, let us know by leaving a comment below. Get in touch if you think there are any other games you think we should check out.  We’ll gladly take a look at them!

Now, let’s get started!

Luna: The Shadow Dust

Do you like puzzles? What about gorgeous hand-illustrated animation? And hauntingly beautiful music? Then you need to download the demo of Lantern Studio’s debut game, Luna: The Shadow Dust. I first saw this dialogue-free point-and-click game at AdventureX last year and instantly fell in love with it.

You get the opportunity to control two characters, a young boy named Luna who seems to have slipped into a mysterious world, and a shadow creature who accompanies him on his adventure. There are numerous puzzles to solve across different dimensions and of course, a villain to overcome. The game will be available for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android this summer.


Jamsterdam, Amsterdam, musicians, canal

Jamsterdam is a highly amusing little game that was originally created for Ludum Dare 44 by Ferran Bertomeu, Ivan Notaros and YenTing Lo.  Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities and I loved the way the way it was brought to life.

You walk over to your band using the WASD keys or arrow keys and use your mouse to sing. That’s right, you have to sing to pay your bills and make a living in Amsterdam – it’s pretty darn tough to get through life as a musician! I made it to just over 4 and a half minutes.

A Gallery Visit

A Gallery Visit, gallery, Bitsy, pixel art

A Gallery Visit is a Bitsy game by scumslug – the name says it all. It’s a brilliant tiny game about visiting a gallery in Berlin on a rainy day. Make sure you read all the artwork titles before viewing the pieces themselves. I was particularly tickled by “Tuesday”.

If you enjoy A Gallery Visit, you might also want to play a game that was heavily inspired by it – visit by haraiva who also made the unforgettable novena. I previously wrote about novena here.

Velo Kitty

Velo Kitty, cat, bicycle, fish, island

Velo Kitty is set on a remote island in Japan that is solely populated by cats. Sounds like heaven! Created by Iris Wong, Kate Prescesky, Justin Luk and Kyle Reczek, Velo Kitty is a really delightful little game.

You play as a delivery kitty who has to collect and deliver 10 fishes to the island’s restaurant as quickly as possible. I loved the art style and found the music very charming. You can easily play this game again and again – look out for the other cats though, they’ll steal your fishes!

These were The Indie Toaster’s four recommendations for free indie games this month. Let us know what you think of the titles above in the comments section, or send us your recommendations!