A new month means a new list of games to check out, hurrah! If you’re looking for some great free indie games to play in March, here’s The Indie Toaster’s round-up for the next thirty or so days.

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The Woven World

the woven world, boat, cave, bitsy

This Secret Bitsy Game Jam submission by hyper structure is titled The Woven World. It begins with you waking up on a strange beach, far from your village, by the side of your boat. You don’t know where you are. However, you quickly come across an old clay tablet written in a language your grandfather spoke.

Players get to explore a mysterious seemingly forgotten civilization. As you do so, parts of the masonry may crumble and fall. After finding a way to cross a chasm, you find yourself with the task of defeating an old enemy. The pixel artwork in this game is gorgeous – it’s really incredible what people can create with limited palettes. I hope the developer will expand on this!

Goodbye, doggy

goodbye doggy, dog, house, ghost

Made for the Global Game Jam this year, Goodbye, doggy was created by game developer and pixel artist Picogram with  music by Grahm Nesbitt. The 2019 theme was “what home means to you”, which spawned a wide variety of responses around the world.

In this case, you play as a dog whose life has come to a rather sudden end. As such, you float up from your grave and enter the family home with the aim of comforting loved ones. You can press “z” to bark and interact with items while moving around with the arrow keys. Before you ascend, you have to help your family deal with their grief. You’ll want to hug your dog by the time you finish this game!

Cup of Frost, Palm of Gold

cup of frost, twine game

Emma Osborne’s Cup of Frost, Palm of God is one of the best Twine games I’ve played so far. It is a fantasy which begins with a sacrifice, one that takes place every few hundred years. There are several endings that can occur, depending on the choices that you make. You initially have the choice of becoming either Summer or Winter.

An impressively wrought world is conjured within the span of approximately 7,500 words. Your adventures could lead to a potential queer romance, the frightening Blackknives, a lost god, the chance to perform miracles, and much feasting. Make some wise choices and a possible reunion with your siblings could lead to changing the world for the better.

Silver Salmon Bay

silver salmon bay, fish, boat, piranha

I enjoyed fishing in Silver Salmon Bay so much I didn’t want to retire! Created in Godot Engine 3.1 by dalton5000, it’s a relaxing yet ridiculously addictive fishing game. You navigate by pressing the A or D or arrow keys and use your mouse to toss out your fishing line as well as to reel it in.

You can pay for upgrades, such as a longer fishing line or extra storage on your boat, and you sell your fishes to the man on the right. Prices for the fishes vary, with the small grey ones being of the lowest value while the yellow ones bring in the big bucks. However, you’ll want to avoid the red ones…they’re nasty piranhas that will gobble up your hard work! The crunching noises are very satisfying regardless.

These were The Indie Toaster’s four free indie game recommendations for March 2019. Let us know what you think of the titles above in the comments section, or send us your recommendations!