Somehow, time just flies and now we’re halfway through 2019! Are you looking for some free indie games to play during your lunch break, on your commute or just during a quiet evening at home?

Well, check out The Indie Toaster’s round-up for this month. Let us know if you like any of these suggestions by leaving a comment below!

Wobble Jump

Wobble Jump, LCD, handheld game, bricks, tower, girl

Wobble Jump by @castpixel provides a pretty cool handheld LCD game experience in your browser. With just one big red button, you have the power to help a girl climb ever higher via a precarious tower of bricks – just make sure you hit it at the right time! This is a great little mini game with an excellent tune to accompany it.

It’s trickier than it looks, I can tell you. Make sure you account not only for the spot the girl lands on, but also the one she jumps from. I still haven’t reached the top but I’m going to keep trying!

Like Gulls Crying At The Dawn

Like Gulls Crying At The Dawn, moon, lighthouse, Bitsy, pixel art, ocean

Made by @HHKatherine, Like Gulls Crying At The Dawn is a Bitsy game described by its creator as “a poem about guilt, longing, and a lighthouse“. The protagonist is a solitary lighthouse-keeper who, day after day, begins to find bottles washed up on the shore.

As you open each message, the background palettes change each time, thus conveying different moods and atmospheric effects. I don’t want to give away the well-crafted story. I’ll simply say that Like Gulls Crying At The Dawn is fittingly accompanied by the haunting and melancholic track titled “To Speak Of Solitude” by Brambles. If you enjoy this game, make sure you check out Novena by Haraiva which I previously wrote about in February.

The Matter of the Great Red Dragon

The Matter Of The Great Red Dragon, dragon, pixel art, Twine

Written by Jonas Kyratzes, The Matter of the Great Red Dragon was created in Twine. Remember the choose-your-own-adventure novels of the 80s and 90s? Every choice you make matters when you decide to become a hero and save the world. Which weapon will you wield, which sigil will you choose and when the time comes, what will you do?

Consider the author’s note before you play the game: If you were to live every single permutation of your life, would your choices still have meaning? To see a few alternate possibilities might be interesting, but to see all of them would flatten everything out, until you no longer truly existed as an individual.

Wholesome Cats

Wholesome Cats, conversation, dialogue

Last but not least, is Wholesome Cats by Angela He. I’m a big fan of her illustrations and was delighted to find out that she’d created a game about collecting and befriending cats!

Wholesome Cats is seriously adorable stuff with more than 50 different cats to play with. They meow a lot in this game and love it when you level them up with fishes. Gameplay is simple with the choices to fight, act or flee when you encounter another cat. It can sometimes get a little difficult to swipe an opponent but is otherwise pretty straightforward. You can play Wholesome Cats in your browser and it’s also available on iOS and Android.

These were The Indie Toaster’s four recommendations for free indie games to play this month. Let us know what you think of the titles above in the comments section, or send us your recommendations here!