Looking for some great free indie games to play this month? Check out The Indie Toaster‘s February list of free indie games for some awesome stuff! With the Global Game Jam fresh in our minds, this month is all about quick games that still pack a punch.

So, for February, we’ve got Fingerolympics, Novena, Pet The Pup At The Party and Gently Down The Marsh. Ready to discover more about them? Let’s do it!



I first played Fingerolympics at EGX last year, where it was the winner of the EGX and Rock Paper Shotgun Game Jam. Created by the effervescent Luis Diaz Peralta (Ludipe), this great little physics game is for one to nine players and there are eleven finger “sports”; ‘eleven’ being the theme of the game jam, as it was EGX’s eleventh year. You control nine colourful, googly-eyed fuzzy creatures who rise up at your command by pressing the number keys.

The finger sports range from number-sorting games, to helping people to cross the road, to keeping a ball in the air for as long as possible. If you’re in need of a party game for a  big group or just want something funny and frantic to play during your commute, definitely keep this game in mind.


Novena, bird, ocean, moonlight

Made for the fourteenth monthly Bitsy jam, Novena by Haraiva is a wonderful tiny tale of the budding friendship between a persistent little bird and the weeping ocean. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Bitsy, it is a browser tool created by Adam Le Doux that can be used for making games.

Part of the appeal of Novena is its somewhat haunting music. It perfectly suits the little bird’s night-time journeys to the ocean. The visuals are also beautifully crafted, from the flickering candles in the church with stained glass to the ocean’s wavery voice. So glad Ken Wong recommended it on Twitter!

Pet The Pup At The Party

pet the pup at the party, house

Who doesn’t want to pet the party doggo? Pet The Pup At The Party by William Herring is a game that lets you do exactly what it says on the tin. Basically, you are at a party where you do not know anyone. However, somewhere in the house, there is a “very good puppo” to pet!

The hunt for the good puppo begins with a countdown as you dash through the rooms with an outstretched hand. Various “arf arf” sounds guide you as you make your way through the house. There’s no time for small talk in this game, every precious second counts. By the way,  there are fifty-two different dogs to pet and you gain thirty seconds each time you find a dog. Ready, get set, go!

Gently Down The Marsh

gently down the marsh, boat, river, oars

Gently Down The Marsh was made by @joisigurdss, @joonturbo and @torfias during an eight-hour game jam. Using the Q, R, U and P keys, you control four companions in a canoe, who must work together to navigate their way through a marsh. You can also switch sides to row by double-tapping the respective keys.

Sounds simple? Sure, if you’re playing it by yourself and enjoying the background sounds of chirping and croaking wildlife. Like Fingerolympics, this game gets much more chaotic when there are four players, each controlling a different oar!  There are plenty of twisting bends to traverse and there is a lot of debris floating about. Look out for the rushing rapids and try not to get stuck.

These were The Indie Toaster’s four free indie game recommendations for February 2019. Let us know what you think of the titles above in the comments section, or send us your recommendations!