Sometimes, it’s nice to pick up a game that looks or feels different, and know that you can dive into it and finish it without committing a bazillion hours. Loads of terrific indie games come out every month. Are you looking for a game that’ll take you away to another world, albeit briefly? Check out our list of four great free indie games below!

The Flood

The Flood, boat, river, trees

The Flood is one of those games you could think of as a walking simulator, although it’s more of a boating simulator in this case as the gameplay is a rather relaxing meander along a river. You drift past damaged homes while gentle white words appear at the top of the screen. The plot is a little mysterious and you provide WASD guidance to your little boat .

I wish there were more games like this. The Flood felt really serene, and had a lovely soundtrack to accompany it. Who doesn’t want to slow down and spend all day drifting in a boat, man? Totally looking forward to Ondrej Angelovic’s future creations.

Tala and the Flower Seed

Tala and the Flower Seed  is a 5-10 min demo that is a precursor to a full-length point-and-click game  called Tala, currently under development by The Garden Well. In the demo, you play as an adorable sprite who must plant and nourish a seed. There are no words in this game. Instead, there are speech bubbles, scribbles, squeaks and grunts so you’ll have to figure your way around bit by bit.

The combination of photography and hand-drawn animation in Tala and The Flower Seed is very charming. Go wander around Tala’s woodland for a while, where you’ll have the chance to solve puzzles and give a small furry animal a belly rub.

Where The Goats Are

Created by solo indie developer Memory of God, Where The Goats Are gives you the chance to live out your rural fantasy as a little old lady named Tikvah, who lives with a few goats and chickens in a remote homestead. You can pet or milk the goats, fetch water, collect eggs, pray, doodle on the ground or just idle about. Despite the initially seemingly slow pace, the days and nights will come to pass fairly quickly.

The mail Tikvah receives from the increasingly harried mailman gives a glimpse into the world she lives in. It soon becomes clear that her days are numbered. At approximately an hour long, this is the longest game on the list, so to speak. Finally, if you enjoy Where The Goats Are, give its follow-up The Stillness of The Wind a go.

Spike: Under the Leaves

I had to end this list with the very adorable Spike: Under the Leaves, a graduation video game brought to you by ISART DIGITAL, folks who have created what’s possibly the cutest hedgehog in video game history ever. Shortly after the game begins, the little snouter gets separated from its family. It is up to YOU to take care of it. Keep it clean when it gets muddy, make it roll about in leaves for camouflage and get past a big-ass bird of prey in the dark.

Worst of all…cross a busy road. I felt absolutely terrible when I failed the first time and my husband screamed and looked at me like I was a murderer. Spike is just so darn cute. Given that it only takes a few minutes to play through, it’s surprising how quickly one gets attached to the little critter.

These were The Indie Toaster‘s four free indie games you should play in December. Let us know what you think of the titles above in the comments section, or send us your recommendations!