Free Indie Games Round-up – June

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Indie games don’t always need a huge price-tag to leave a mark on their audience. Month after month, an army of developers release their work on the internet for free. They give the worldwide indie community something great to play; asking for nothing but a bit of feedback in return!

And thus… here we are! For June, we selected four amazing free games that immediately caught our attention. Let’s discover more about them together!

Number 4 – Dirt

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Developed in less than 48 hours for Alakajam, Dirt is a “short narrative game about an ecological and personal catastrophe”. An unnamed man just bought a plot of land, hoping its fruits will be enough to turn his life around and finally offer his family a brighter future. The challenge, though, has just begun…

More of an interactive short novel than a proper game, Dirt is a solid attempt at shining some light on the symptoms and effects of depression. Striking visuals and enthralling audio accompany the man’s journey, while a minimalistic narrative lets each player come to their own conclusions!

Published 11 days ago, this indie game is currently available – for free – on!

Number 3 – Cat Burglar: A Tail of Purrsuit

Cat Burglar A Tail of Purrsuit free indie games round up indie toaster

From time to time, indie studios decide to fulfill a cause higher than mere entertainment. That’s the case with Gamers for Good, a group of developers who came together in 2012 with the goal to give back something to the community. Cat Burglar: A Tail of Purssuit is their first attempt at achieving just that!

This 3D Puzzle-Platformer draws from the centuries-old conflict between cats and dogs. In the shoes of Kat, we’ll have to infiltrate the Dogo Corps’ HQ and defeat Major Bull! What’s unique about this indie game? It was built to raise awareness and promote a number of volunteer-run animal shelters!

Cat Burglar: A Tail of Purrsuit is available on Steam!

Number 2 – QamaQ

qamaq free indie games roundup

The 7 students from France who make up the team behind QamaQ are well familiar with the meaning of the word “unique”. Born out of a school assignment, their top-down RPG is a shockingly good-looking experience for a free indie game; complete with dynamic combat, character progression and a deep storyline!

Right from the start, QamaQ draws us into a precolombian world where a man’s destined to change the future of humanity. Beautiful pixel-art, solid tunes, and a pleasant plot captivate the player, keeping them glued to the chair and hungry for more. The dialogues still need a bit of tweaking but we know the devs are already working on it!

QamaQ can be downloaded – for free – from its own page on!

Number 1 – A Wish Upon A Star

a wish upon a star free indie games round-up indie toaster

Sometimes, a free indie game is so polished that we almost feel bad paying nothing to play it. Fabian Denter’s entry to the Idle Thumbs’ Wizard Jam – eloquently named A Wish Upon A Star – has all it needs to be considered a premium interactive experience. Yet, there it is; available to everyone!

This 3D puzzle follows a young child as they navigate a mysterious world made of blocks, staircases, and ominous sculptures. Its colorful scenery, the relaxing atmosphere, and the beautiful graphics make A Wish Upon A Star a title you’ll be willing to spend your entire day on. And – by all means – you should definitely do so!

Download A Wish Upon A Star for free – or name your own price – on!

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  1. gamerD

    Nice games! If you make a list for july, you should add Race Zero on the Play Store. This game is hardcore, if anyone out there enjoys F-Zero, try Race Zero.

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