Every month, hundreds of new indie games are released on the market. Among these, we like to scavenge for free experiences that are able to convey the fun and meaningfulness typical of arts of all kinds.

Each one of the following games has captivated us for a reason or another, and we’re sure you’ll love them too! Let us know about your thoughts or suggestions in the comments; this said, here’s our list!

Yet Another Exhausting Day

Tired but not sleepy, the protagonist of this game finds herself crawling around and rolling here and there to collect money and keys. Yet Another Exhausting Day is a silly take on the 3D platformer, that had me giggling throughout. Its colors are brilliant and the way your character moves around is brilliantly hilarious.

Having received many plays on itch.io, I had to try the game, relating maybe too much with its protagonist. If you’re looking for a fun and rather casual experience to kill time with, don’t look any further and download Yet Another Exhausting Day right off Itch.io!

Scrambled – Syd City

Scrambled Syd City

The second game I wanted to insert in this list is a rather unique LGBTQ+ dating simulator. Impersonating Sydney, a clumsy aspiring superhero that goes by the name of Scrambled, you will get the chance to meet and know a fellow superhero and a nemesis.

Your choices will influence the plot, and will have some sweet effects on what happens in the story.  I enjoyed the narration, and the possibility to skip the already read parts of it so to explore the many outcomes without getting bored. If you are looking for a finely written experience of this kind, I can’t help but suggest this game, freely downloadable on itch.io.

Hop Dude Nights: The Meatball of Invisibility

Hop dude nights The meatball of invisibility

Who said flash games are extinct? Based on the webcomic Hop Dude, this game is filled with hilarious puns, and is a short sweet example of what this nostalgic genre can still give to us.

Fart Cat disappeared, and as an old time hero, Hop Dude will jump right in to help a damsel in distress to have her kitty back. The catchy soundtrack and fun story are sure to have you enjoy your time with this game. I also appreciated the many possible outcomes that can depend on your actions. This game, for how simple it can look, is indeed a brilliant example of RPG playfulness. You can find it on armor games for free.

The Doll Shop

The Doll SHop

Last but certainly not the least, The Doll Shop is by far one of my favorite free games ever tried. Born as a school project, the game’s brilliantly written dialogues, creepy music and stunning hand-drawn settings surely captivated me since the beginning.

In a small village in Japan, you’ll impersonate a doll maker with an obscure secret. Half romance, half horror, the games’ eerie and twisted atmosphere will have you holding your breath while playing. I’m seriously impressed by the ability of this young game-developers-to-be, and can’t help but wonder what their next professional projects in the field will be.

If you like thriller and horror games, or are looking for a light but slightly unsettling experience, then The Doll Shop is for you, and it’s only a click away!

Note: this article is also available in Italian here.