There is a healthy amount of scepticism that comes with anything being given away for free under capitalism. “What do you get out of it? Why not sell it?” In this month’s round up of free games we’ve got a mix of all sorts.

Some of them passion projects that were never meant to be commercial, or simply wouldn’t work as a commercial endeavour. Others are specifically designed to highlight other projects the developer is working on. Whatever their reason for being, here are four free games for you to check out this month!

Aye Fair Lady

Aye Fair Lady Screenshot

Steggy has a problem. In this expansion/spin-off from Yorkshire Gubbins, it’s Singing Day in God’s Own County. The problem that Steggy has is that she hates singing. Enlisting the help of her friend Bertrella, she sets out to try ruin everyone else’s fun. If you enjoy your humour offbeat and reminiscent of Monkey Island-era games, then I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Created as part of the Adventure Jam, you’ll point and click your way around town. There’s just a singular quest to complete, but in doing so you’ll discover a range of colourful characters who all burst into song. Developer Charlotte Gore has done a great job on the writing and it had me laughing throughout. The songs and voice acting are well above what you’d normally get in a free jam game, and it all blends together seamlessly.

Aye Fair Lady can be downloaded for free from Gamejolt.

Hellbound: Survival Mode

Hellbound screenshot

Directly pitching itself as a modern day version of Doom et al, Hellbound doesn’t disappoint in its bombast.

It’s ridiculous; it’s gory; it’s manic; it’s incredibly fun! Blast your way through up to 10 waves of demonic enemies in this brutal action-packed adrenaline ride. I’ve honestly never been that into these kinds of games, having never completed a Doom, Gears of War, or Duke Nukem title, but this had me riveted. The controls are really fluid and it’s super easy to pick up and jump right in.

This horde mode of the game has been released for free as a tie-in to their currently ongoing Kickstarter. At the time of writing they are $15k short of their goal which I’d hate for them to miss. This mode will remain free always, but the developers are hoping to create a single player campaign and multiplayer mode which I can see as being great fun.

Hellbound: Survival Mode can be downloaded for free via Steam.

Ctrl CV

Ctrl CV Screenshot

Effectively turning the “chosen one” cliche on its head, Ctrl CV gives you a screen full of identical copies. Platform your way through the mild puzzles while keeping an intense eye of which of the many hundreds in the crowd is actually you. What this game lacks in polish is made up for in novelty and entertaining frustration.

Originally developed in 2011 by South Korean developer ZPink, this has been released on Steam as Donationware by the publisher Psychoflux. It’s appears to be a simple game on the surface, but apparently has 5 different endings depending on how many times you die. It starts out easy and very quickly ramps up the difficulty.

Ctrl CV is available to download for free via Steam or Gamejolt.


Mini-dead screenshot

Acting as a little brother of sorts to the full title Dead, Mini-Dead is a stripped down version of the boss fight extravaganza.

The original is a twin-stick, bullet-hell with 10 colourful bosses, whereas this version cuts a lot of that out for something more interesting. The control scheme for Mini-Dead was something I’ve never come across before. Move in the 2D plane with your mouse, but click and drag to create a laser that will damage the enemy bosses. Let go of the click and you’ll teleport to the end of the laser. It’s simple and intuitive, but comes with a large skill curve that will end with you zipping about the screen.

There are 4 bosses to defeat here, with art styles a little reminiscent of Binding of Isaac. Each has a unique set of attacks and will require a good number of attempts to defeat. It’s a difficult game, but rarely do you feel hard done by when you die. It’ll keep you coming back until you’ve defeated them all.

Mini-Dead can be downloaded for free via Steam.