My experience with point and click games have been short 5-20 minute games. Even when I reviewed a game from this genre for The Indie Toaster before, it was pretty brief. Thinking Forgotten Places: Regained Castle would be the same, I wasn’t prepared for the adventure I was about to embark on. Though its fair amount of gameplay was not the only surprise this game had in store for me!

Forgotten Places: Regained Castle, what a mouthful!

The game itself had a rather impressive main menu and the fact it has three difficulty settings should have made me realize this was not going to be short. I might have realized too if I wasn’t so distracted by the fact the protagonist was female. Playing as my own gender is always a way to get on my good side! Already feeling optimistic I dove straight into the game.

Forgotten Places: Regained Castle, review, The Indie Toaster

Starting with a very interactive tutorial the game beautifully explains what to do without it being an obvious tutorial. When the game fully begins I was left feeling confident. Five minutes in, the game had already shown what it had to offer and I was enjoying myself. Then I looked at the time and that five minutes had actually been three hours.

While the story didn’t hook me the puzzles sure did. There was a great variation Forgotten Places: Regained Castle, review, The Indie Toasterand the difficulty was a perfect level. It left you excited when you solved something and not too disheartened when you had no clue what to do. It always felt like you were halfway to solving a multitude of puzzles, which keeps you hooked.

A slap in the face and then a helping hand

What I loved most about Forgotten Places: Regained Castle was how everything Forgotten Places: Regained Castle, review, The Indie Toasterwas very obvious but at the same time so difficult. Items you could pick up were not glaringly obvious and blended in well with the rest of the scene. This game also requires observation to notice if something looks incomplete. While there is a helpful glow around puzzles, items took a bit of looking to find.

As adamant as I was to complete the game without using a hint, five hours in I remembered it was my job to try out all the features of a game. So just for you readers I begrudgingly pressed the hint button. The hint was great as it didn’t give everything away straight away, almost a second chance to figure it out yourself. Failing this you hit the button again and then rage that you didn’t notice the object right in front of you.

Forgotten Places: Regained Castle had tons of fantastically helpful little features. Forgotten Places: Regained Castle, review, The Indie ToasterThe diary your character carries is brilliant as it saves you going back and forth between two locations when you forget the code to a lock. Once you have solved a puzzle you can’t click on that area again, showing you it is complete. I must also mention the fact that if you have found a number sequence the dialogue will suggest which puzzle it is for!

Darn pedantic writers!

Nothing is perfect and I do have some minor gripes with Forgotten Places: Regained Castle. Firstly the story, though it was good the writing did not do it justice. The style seemed so expositional and unnatural. I will embarrassingly admit I ended up skipping over most of it as it bored me. As the game went on I did get into the mystery but that wasn’t due to the writing.

Other than that it was some very minor things that I felt could be improved. Such as maybe keeping the directional arrows on the screen at all time. I completely missed a section of the map for sometime as I had no clue I could go in that direction. Forgotten Places: Regained Castle, review, The Indie Toaster

Also there was a side mission to collect butterflies but I forgot which scene I had already found a butterfly. A way to keep tract of that would have been helpful. That is about all I can say though when it comes to negatives, and they were pretty pedantic remarks.

Should you splash the cash?

Forgotten Places: Regained Castle is one of the most polished point and click Forgotten Places: Regained Castle, review, The Indie Toastergames I have ever played. The amount of gameplay is fantastic and once complete the game you can got back and just play some of the puzzles. This is a game that is worth every penny! I have always loved this genre of game and Forgotten Places: Regained Castle has really raise the bar.

This game is beautiful, with over 50 amazingly crafted scenes. It has a variant amount of puzzles that really test you. If you want to test your wit and play an epic puzzle game then look no further, this is the one for you! Forgotten Places: Regained Castle, review, The Indie Toaster