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Over the last few weeks, Extinction has been garnering attention from audiences who have stumbled across trailers and screenshots of giant ogres laying waste to cities. Word of mouth is what has truly propelled Extinction and that is how a cult following could come about.

Don’t be fooled by the bright palette reminiscent of Kingdoms of Amalur or the aerial dismemberment of giant humanoids typical of Attack on Titan. This game has no magic beans, no golden goose or screeching giant humanoids. It has bloodthirsty giants, hellbent on mankind’s annihilation and just one man to stop them.

The team at Iron Galaxy have delivered something standalone and special, with a story and gameplay that will have players on the edge of their seats.

Avil the Ravenii Slayer

Players take the reins of Avil, the last of an order made up of total-badass warriors known as The Sentinels. Bloodthirsty fiends have entered the lands of man and are laying waste to their cities. Among them are 150-foot-tall ogres the Ravenii – and Avil is the only thing standing between them and mankind’s extinction.

The gameplay relies on aerial navigation and combat combos with nods towards Kingdoms of Amalur, Prince of Persia and Attack on Titan. The graphics make use of a colorful palette that pushes the gore to the lines of cartoonish; which is something, especially when you’re dismembering giants.

If you love fast-paced combat, scaling the tops of buildings, and chaining attacks so that you remove all of a Ravenii’s limbs before finally taking the head, this game is for you. The vertical movement equipment of AoT has been replaced by Avil’s whip, but the Titan’s have been replaced by something much, much worse.

The gameplay is compelling, fast-paced and a sure way to get your adrenaline flowing.  However, the story is something else that will completely captivate players. The Ravenii and their smaller minions called jackals are inherently evil. They are not invading the lands of man for conquest, resources or slavery. They are there with one sole purpose: mankind’s annihilation.

As the story unfolds, we find out why and the answer is just as terrifying as the invaders’ murderous onslaught. Without giving away the plot, it has to be said that the writers at Iron Galaxy have done an amazing job. They created a dynamic and interesting story that will make players eager to find out more!

How we Avoid Extinction

Progression in the game is simple: each chapter of the campaign features a main objective as well as side tasks, both of which score points for the players. Points you collect let you upgrade Avil’s abilities.

Missions vary from protecting a structure for a set number of time, to rescuing civilians, to defeating a set number of Ravenii. Extinction also features dynamic missions, where the side quests are randomly generated, designed to keep players on their toes each time they play.

It’s extremely hard to get bored here. The Ravenii are also unique, with numerous different designs, armour and attacks. Some Ravenii have gold armour; some are covered in thorns or even plates of an indestructible metal. Players must figure out how each part can be destroyed before finally taking down the giants.

Additionally, the environments are fully destructible and the Ravenii themselves can be fully dismembered.  This allows players to enact carnage on the ogres before they lay waste to the cities.

A Variety of Big Choices

Aside from the campaign, Extinction offers several other things to do. The skirmish mode, for example, allows players to create their own battlegrounds to challenge other players with for the highest score.

Extinction mode, instead, is an endless survival mode with waves of oncoming enemies. Basically a mash-up between the story and Call of Duty – Zombies. This was one of the most enthralling modes I played, as each Ravenii you strike down could be another notch on the leaderboards!

Finally, there’s the Daily Challenge. Like in The Binding of Isaac, players get a random quest each day and compete to make it to the top of the leaderboards. In my opinion, this degree of variety is what will push the online community, allowing players to compete on each other’s maps and pushing for the top spots on the boards.

One key thing that people are calling for is a multiplayer mode. Although not a part of the game yet, it could be a key element in keeping the online profile and hype for this game alive.

The Big Question

To those who enjoy fast-paced action, an enthralling story, and online competition, Extinction may be the thing for you. Fans of AoT, the dynamic combat of PoP and the graphics style of KoA will be right at home.

Saying this though, Extinction stands completely on its own. Iron Galaxy have created a unique foe in the Ravenii and an interesting background to boot. If they expand further on this and engage with the community. Extinction could well become a cult followed game, but hopefully a series!


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  1. Corneilius

    I’ve been waiting to play this actually since I saw a teaser trailer for it on a compilation video. This very well written and concise review has sealed the deal.

    Thanks Tom.

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