When you first learn to walk, what now seems like the simplest of journeys can be a challenge. A straight road can seem like and impossible feat. After years of walking, that road becomes a simple task that I know I will succeed 90% of the time without walking into something or tripping over my own feet. Evil Cogs starts with your little ball of light only just learning to fly so navigating through obstacles is not a simple task. Movement isn’t smooth or elegant instead it is kind of clunky, but is this something to push you away from the game or pull you in?The Indie Toaster, Evil Cogs, Review

Fly My Pretty Fly

Evil Cogs begins with your birth. As you burst into life you are given the task to kill The Indie Toaster, Evil Cogs, Reviewthe darkness, not something I would entrust to a newborn but hey what could go wrong? From this point you are taught how to move then pretty much left to your own devices. As you float through the darkness collecting little light orbs your confidence starts to grow.

To destroy this confidence Evil Cogs then decides to turn up the heat by introducing well…evil cogs! You have to guide your little ball of light around spinning cogs of death. Not forgetting to mention the falling boulders, walls that crush together and the copious amount of spikes. This is where your sluggish movement starts to impact your gameplay though surprisingly in a good way.

Evil Cogs is relatively simple in level design and not breathtakingly extravagant or different. Its appeal therefore comes from the difficulty of something that should be simple. A difficulty caused by the character’s movement. As your little guy floats through the level you have to learn to work around his movement limitations. You can’t just quickly glide past something or do a sudden turn. Instead you have to be patient and calculate when to take the first step. This is what sets Evil Cogs apart from other games.

Did I Mention It Is Multi-Platform?The Indie Toaster, Evil Cogs, Review

Before divulging more into Evil Cogs it is important to note that Evil Cogs is available on mobile currently. While you must wait till March 28th if you want to snag it on PC. The reason I mention this though is because the game’s strengths differ depending on the platform. I first tried Evil Cogs on mobile where movement controls are extra frustrating but in a way that caused so much satisfaction when finally getting past that spinning blade of death. The game felt very at home on a mobile device and the only issue I really had was the insurmountable number of adverts but hey developers have to make their money somehow so I wasn’t too fussed.

After flying through most of chapter one on my phone it was time to give the PC version a try. I was sceptical at first considering how great of a game Evil Cogs is on The Indie Toaster, Evil Cogs, Reviewmobile. When I opened up the game though I was shocked by how beautiful Evil Cogs looked. The design is lost on a phone it just looks dark and basic but on the PC all I can say is wow. The movement was smoother but not to a degree that it lost that just learning how to fly feeling the game creates so well. Unfortunately the game itself did not run as smooth and seemed to jolt a bit at times.

Evil Cogs has a Shared Issue

Though while both platforms have their pros and cons there is one shared issue. The Indie Toaster, Evil Cogs, ReviewWithin Evil Cogs are some perks you can purchase but the game seems to be very instructive as to when to use them. The game makes you have to use them to continue and I always found it was a bit of an early prompt. I would slow down time but when I got to the obstacle the perk had ran out. It also limited how much light I could collect as I had to progress to not waste my perk.

If Evil Cogs holds back on telling you when to us a perk it will change how you think about each level. You are no longer having your hand held but must figure out what to do yourself. This will increase the challenge but more importantly the gratification of completing a level.

So Movement Is the Only Selling Point?

Okay so far my only focus seems to be on movement. While it is a big part of the game it is not all it has on offer! In some levels there are glowing surfaces and bouncy sacks of light. The reason I mention these are because of how they are incorporated into the game. While first posed as your allies helping you skim past danger, they are not always so. Sometimes you will use one of these environmental features only for it to send you to your doom.The Indie Toaster, Evil Cogs, Review

I love this twist as it always leaves you second guessing what the best route is. This adds to the complexity of the game and really increases your level of engagement. Features like this make it near impossible to pass the later levels first time, instead you must play and learn. I’m excited to seeing how this will be incorporated into later levels, guess I have to play to find out!

Are You Ready to Kill the Darkness?

Evil Cogs overall is a great game and even though I will be bombarded with non-stop adverts it shall now live on my phone. For me it is more of mobile game though its beauty on PC can not be denied. It is always good to experience both and would probably recommend getting both!

With a sweet storyline and engaging gameplay it is not a game to pass up. To anyone who has tried it and feels movements a chore, push through I promise it does enhance the game. To those who have already played it on mobile, it is worth playing on a different platform. Finally to those who have never tried Evil Cogs, give it a go!