When we were sent keys for it, we were pretty interested in reviewing and trying out Evergarden.

The game, developed by Flippfly games, is a promisingly original take on the puzzle genre and is guaranteed to let you have a relaxing but brain-teasing experience.

Plant, Grow, Repeat

Evergarden starts off with finding a note from your mother. The note says how you probably are confused and -just like mothers always are- she was right. After being presented with just three words- plant, grow, repeat– I was baffled.

The game felt like a puzzler with no strategy, purpose, or even puzzle. I did as instructed, though, and followed the three words. After a few tries seeming to equate to no more than just points on a board, I had a breakthrough. I discovered the purpose and how a strategy was needed. Evergarden didn’t do any hand-holding. Instead, the adventure is yours to discover.

The Indie Toaster, Evergarden

Evergarden is a puzzle game that throws the player straight in, a bold move but one that works. It does leave me now, wondering how much to say. The joy of it is discovering the game alone. Starting with the genuine confusion your character has; the basics of the game are to plant flowers and combine them to make them bigger; anything after that, is yours to discover.

While I won’t dive into what the game is, I will say it is rather addictive. Even though you are mainly doing the same thing on repeat, the desire to do better and earn more keeps you engrossed.

As you have a purpose and need to earn items, it takes away the repetitiveness of doing the same thing over and over again. The mechanics the game adds in are brilliant and really help you make the most of your turns. It also makes players change their strategy so you aren’t just doing the same thing.

The rules of Evergarden are hidden and, the more you play the more you will understand. More complex systems will start to make sense as you get further into the game; it is designed to make players try new things, to make them explore.

Welcome To Evergarden

Evergarden is a wonderfully beautiful game with a lovely soundtrack that can get you lost in its world. The art style is simple yet quaint, and rather lovely to just look at. The colorful scenes and cute characters make the game even more relaxing than it already is. It creates such a serene world that you almost long to be in.

The main puzzle is difficult to master but simple to complete, whereas the side puzzles can cause more head The Indie Toaster, Evergardenscratching. To unlock certain items you have to assemble puzzles to match the pattern provided. If really stuck, there are hints you can use. Those are great, as they give away enough to get you thinking but, not too much that it gives you the answer.

Available on Steam and the IOS App store Evergarden is a beautiful take on the original evergreen puzzle. Taking the style of it fleshes it out into a 3D adventure. With puzzles to solve and a story to unravel, this is more than just a standard puzzle game. Evergarden is an adventure that you won’t want to miss.