The indie game we’re about to discuss is one we’ve had with us for a while. Although auto-runners are anything but few and far between, Escape Doodland managed to catch our eye from the very beginning. When the game was still barely a husk of what it is now, The Indie Toaster published a preview of it.

While the perfect mix of varying colors certainly was not enough for me to make a judgment call immediately, I jumped at the opportunity to redeem my review code when the site finally received one. The fact that Escape Doodland is flukyMachine‘s first title was an immediate red flag for me, however, as indie developers’ initial titles tend to fall flat on their faces.

Regardless, I gave it a shot; and boy am I glad I did. While the stress, frustration, and anger that surround each level had me question my own choices a couple of times, the indie game always managed to pull me back in with its unique art style, captivating soundtrack, and fulfilling gameplay.

There’s a lot to say about this colorful indie game; more than any article could contain. If you want to know what makes Escape Doodland one of the best games I played in the last few months, take a look at my video review right below!

A Bit More About Escape Doodland

Created by Polish-based game designers Weronika and Piotrek, Escape Doodland is an endless runner/platformer set in a beautiful hand-drawn universe. A monster has invaded Doodland and is trying to eat its inhabitants. The entire world has plunged into chaos and you could be the only hope for its survival.

As the environments fall into pieces around you and the assailant gives you no quarters, you’ll be trying to help some of these creatures save their own skins. Use power-ups, test your reaction times, challenge your own patience, and enjoy the colorful scenery before it’s too late!

Escape Doodland is currently available on Steam or on the Nintendo Switch; both versions are sold for 9,99$ or your regional equivalent.