Have you ever wanted to change your job to something more exciting? Well I know I have once or twice, and this is exactly what Dungeon Rushers: Crawler RPG’s protagonist does.

Elian, a boy bored of his day-to-day life decides to change his profession and become an adventurer in search of mountains of gold.

Let’s Go On An Adventure!

Straight away you are thrust into a dungeon in search of the treasure that lies somewhere within. You are joined by a dwarf that happens to be an accountant and will find many other interesting characters along the way.

Dungeon Rushers is light hearted and constantly makes fun of itself. Nearly every piece of dialog contains humour. I found most of them funny, however, after a while it became repetitive and I found myself skipping through many of the dialog boxes. The majority of the conversations between the adventurers consist of picking on Pod, their bard, or commenting on the dungeons. I did like that sometimes they would give you information on the characters in your team. Along your travels in the dungeons you would bump into NPCs, I found those interactions quite interesting, as they enlightened you to the fact that the dungeons are owned by a large corporation and these workers maintain the dungeons for us, the adventurers. If you ever wondered how the torches were kept alight and the traps were reset, they have employees for that.

Dungeon Rushers

I found out quite quickly that Dungeon Rushers doesn’t pull its punches. After completing the first few dungeons, it became much, much more difficult. You will need to acquire better gear very fast if you want to progress.

There is no shortage of dungeons to pillage in this game. The map is huge, and each section of the map has its own specific race of enemy; two of which are goblins and skeletons. I found the enemies were generic in terms of abilities, strengths and weaknesses; the only difference is their appearance and that their strength level got higher the further you progressed. What you will need to do is grind, every gamer’s favourite word. It pained me just to write it. Of course, you can buy armour and weapons from the shop, however, your hard-earned gold will deplete extremely fast. Additionally, the store’s stock is random, and you aren’t guaranteed to even get what you want.

Dungeon Rushers

From grinding dungeons, you will receive gold, weapons, armour and crafting components which you can use to create a wide range of items from the workshop, that’s how I got nearly all my gear. Craft as many times in the workshop as you can, because it will level up a specific smithing trait and thus enable you to create more powerful items. Be sure to make and buy as many healing potions as you possibly can, you will need a lot!

Dungeon Rushers

Additionally, you will come across castles, which have five levels to pillage. Each level is more or less the same, the only difference is you get more loot the higher you go. Another way to get more loot is from doing heroic missions. To access them you will need to 100% a dungeon twice. The enemies become slightly harder, but the rewards are better.

Choosing The Right Team

In your quest for riches you will pick up random people along the way to form your rag-tag group. You can have five in battle, so choose wisely. Once you get more than five characters, they will be put on the ‘bench’ and can be swapped out whenever you aren’t in a dungeon. I recommend having two supports in battle. You need someone that can give you a type of buff and another that has a method of healing team members.

The game gives you a good array of both mage characters, ranged and close combat fighters; each has their own positives and negatives. It is a good idea to have a variety of characters, because having no ranged fighters could result in not being able to hit the pesky enemies in the back. Enemies have different strengths and abilities, so make sure you inspect the enemies first before attacking. I highly recommend inspecting enemies first, then you can choose a winning strategy. For me it was defeating the magic wielders first, as they can poison you, summon more enemies, heal allies and do other irritating things.

Dungeon Rushers

You will come across different ‘events’ in the forms of barrels, fountains, coffins, rocks and a bunch of other objects, which can help you in many ways. For example, healing, buff armour and replenish some of your mana. I felt a sigh of relief every time I got one of these. However, there are also curse and surprise events. Curses can drop your armour and weaken your fighting strength, amongst other awful things. Surprise events can be worse than a curse. They are a battle against random enemies, which are usually quite strong. If you aren’t careful you will fail and have to retry the dungeon; it pains me to say, that has happened to me many times.

Where’s the bug killer?

Unfortunately, I came across some bugs whilst playing. During some of my battles the game wouldn’t let me do anything but scroll through my three attacks and it froze three times in separate menus. I did the classic mash all the buttons trick and left the Switch on for about 10 minutes and mashed again, but it did not work. All I could do was close the game. To my delight, I didn’t lose any progress besides having to start the dungeon again. So, all in all it didn’t turn out to be a big deal. Other than that, I didn’t find anything else wrong with the game.

Dungeon Rushers for the Switch is a lot of fun. It is extremely easy to learn how to play and looks and sounds beautiful, it’s a perfect aesthetic choice for the genre.

If you enjoy dungeon crawlers or are looking to play one for the first time, this is the game for you.


Dungeon Rushers is already available on Steam and is coming to the Switch on May 25th, 2018