Defense Task Force Review: It Is Tower Time!

How interesting can a tower defense game be? It is an old genre with a very basic premise. Defense Task Force has tried to breath life into a tower defence game, but is that even possible? I took up the challenge to conquer the hordes with well placed towers and had an experience I did not quite expect.

Aliens approaching!? It is time to call in the Defense Task Force

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good tower defense game, but it is more something I play while doing other things. I won’t commit to the game or give it my full attention. After twenty minutes or so I would usually get bored. Defense Task Force, on the other hand, had me hooked and I have invested hours into the game. I keep playing the same area and same map on repeat, so what is keeping me hooked?

Defense Task Force has a brilliant campaign system, one that always gives you something to achieve. Even if you are not aiming for the end goal of the level, there are other things to aim for. Collecting enough energy to allow the deployment of a larger map that makes the level easier or learning the best tower disposition, for example. Each time you play a level, it feels like you are making progress even if you did not Defense Task Force, Defence Task Force, The Indie Toaster, Review, DTF, Mission Successmanage to complete it.

It is hard to get disheartened while playing Defense Task Force, as it is rare you fail a level. As long as you turn a profit, it is counted as a successful mission. This means, even if you don’t beat the level you can still be a winner. This makes the failure of not making it to wave twenty five a lot easier to accept.

Towers, maps and aliens

Defense Task Force has an awesome range of towers at your disposal that are Defense Task Force, Defence Task Force, The Indie Toaster, Review, DTF, Towers, Cannons pretty darn cool. Starting off with basics such as machine guns and flame throwers but then also having a Proton Pulse. There are ten tower types, all of which can be upgraded to obliterate the enemy. It was very satisfying to watch the towers go to work on the swarm of aliens that dared to come near them.

Defense Task Force, Defence Task Force, The Indie Toaster, Review, DTFThe range of maps was also pretty pleasing. What I loved the most about them though is how your tower placement would determine the enemies route. This means you could weave the aliens all around the map while they got bombarded with an arsenal of weaponry. The maps also were brilliantly designed to allow a lot of strategic playing.

Defense Task Force does not scrimp on details and has twenty eight types of aliens. Defense Task Force, Defence Task Force, The Indie Toaster, Review, DTF, Aliens Each type also has their own characteristics – from speed to strength, and much more. Every enemy feels different, and as a player you start to recognize the different threats. Switching out towers to make them more effective depending on the species in the attack wave.

Quick, the aliens are getting through!

This early access game is definitely on the right tracks to become a success. The only thing I was not a fan of was the amount of reading at the beginning, which I skipped over in the end. A tower defense game doesn’t need that much of a back story in my opinion. Also, each time I wanted to start a level it was constant clicking to get where I wanted which was a bit of a pain. If there was an instant retry button my gaming experience would have been a bit easier.

In all I really enjoyed Defense Task Force and will definitely continue to play the Defense Task Force, Defence Task Force, The Indie Toaster, Review, DTF, Aliengame. It might benefit from cutting some extraneous features in my eyes, such as the leveling up system. On the other hand others may enjoy those features. I would recommend keeping your eyes peeled though as Defense Task Force should be landing on steam hopefully around July. It is a fantastic game with a lot of promise that you could easily invest a lot of time into. So bring it on aliens, lets see what you have got!

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