Dead Dungeon Video Review – Tough Times Ahead

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Nearly every game out on the market has a purpose. Some are made to purely entertain, others are out to terrify you. Dead Dungeon does both of these things in a very unique way. It’s an experience of hair pulling and screaming, which I personally loved. It’ll remind you of games you once loved, while also reminding you why you no longer play them.

This is Dead Dungeon.

Let’s Get Into Dead Dungeon!

Starting up the game, you’ll get a huge Super Meat Boy vibe. To many, this would smell of a clone game. That would simply be an unfair analysis. It’s more of a love letter to the genre; a different take if you will. None of the levels are in any way similar to the beloved classic, save for the abundance of saw-blades. Although, to be fair, the protagonist does stink of our little meat boy.

The story of the game is sadly nonexistent. The opening cut-scene is absolutely silent. Without any joke, it literally has no sound. This is a ridiculously odd choice, as it makes the beginning of the game quite alien to me. It brought me completely out of the experience, which sadly didn’t end well for me. Alexey could have had a simple fix with some stock music, but chose not to for an odd reason.One of the many levels in Dead Dungeon

For a majority of the time, the gameplay is incredibly fun. I enjoyed learning from my abundance of deaths, and understanding the little mechanics thrown at me. That is until the mid-game.  A specific enemy actually made me quit the game, which was a sad end to my playthrough. It is a little star shaped monster who follows you to the end of the Earth: always stalking; always following. He is absolutely way too quick for the games good. A simple nerf to his movement speed would increase the fun value tremendously.

If you’re interested in checking the game out, the video above goes through every topic written here. Or if you want to play the game, Dead Dungeon will release on November 12th on Steam here. Until that point, remember to follow The Indie Toaster on Twitter and on our Youtube!

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  1. Alexey Roenko

    Thank you for rewiew!

    I will soon make sound for cut scene. And I will do something with the enemy.

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