It doesn’t take much for me to play a game, so when I saw a cute cat that looked like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland along with its little kittens, well I just had to play it. Although it’s just Early Access on Steam, Critters- Cute Cubs in a Cruel World is a very ambitious project. It promises a harsh world where you would need to overcome a rough environment and see your cubs survive for countless generations. The final product would be something along the lines of Slime Rancher, Niche, and Shelter 2, all rolled into one game.

Preparing To Creep Around The Critter World!

So, it downloaded and it showed me my critter in a 3rd person view along with his world. The message on the screen read ‘Play’. This game just really understood me! As soon as I pressed it I was in control, these little cubs wandered towards me, I guess I was in charge of their safety  now, a pity for them. I rolled the sliding camera control around and it showed me a world to explore, each area with its own biome. There were, plains, tundra, desert, and steppe. I looked over to my small cubs, they were so tiny! The game said we needed to survive so I did just that. I ran into every fruit bush I could and made my cubs eat until they were just as big as me (not bigger than me since I still wanted to seem like the leader I wasn’t) I stepped over some simple grass and it rose up then lowered when I passed it. Just another obstacle we would have to overcome.

Creepily Jumping Around the Critters World!

That’s when I pressed it, the space bar. The critter may seem like it’s sliding when it walks at the time of this writing, but dang, it might as well have 4 basketball shoes on its feet because it got ups. If this game is all about genetics, then these creatures are one evolution away from getting wings. The tail also looked like a club to me so smacking people from the sky would be so sweet. I pressed pause to see what other moves I could do, but it was grayed out and unavailable. There were only 4 things listed, resume, options, restart and Exit. I didn’t want to give away the only advantage I had, so I jumped everywhere I went.

Creeping Around the Critter World!

I made my way to the first structure I found, it looked like a small hut and figured it was a den. A look across the other biomes showed me that they all had their own. A bit further and I was at the edge of the map and certain doom; I jumped ahead anyway. Some force pulled me, then snapped me back towards the tundra and safety. Lame, it was probably that huge tornado in the distance too. I jumped over the desert as my cubs caught up to me. It was barren and lacked any detail. Just like a real desert!

We made it to the steps and that’s where I put the natural jumping ability to use. It had a simple platform section, in the way of scaling a small hill or mountain. I looked at the trees from above and they actually looked quite nice, it whipped around and brought some sense on how the world would look.

I saw over the huge tornado, our greatest adversary: I did the most logical thing I could think of. I jumped to the highest point then jumped in! A twist around then my critter was spewed out. Cool. A turn around and my cubs didn’t make it. Not cool. Just another obstacle we would have to overcome.

Evolution always needs support.

Now that is pretty much all that there is to do in the game, along with breeding, but I couldn’t really get that to work. The price on the Critters- Cute Cubs in a Cruel World seems a tad too high as it is, but it still is in Early Access and many gems have come out of Early Access to become great hits.

Consider choosing to support the game not for what it is now, but for the masterpiece that it will hopefully come to be!