Last month, I reviewed an indie game called Omen of Sorrow: a simple yet lacking 2D fighter. This week, I’ve been playing Coffence by Sweet Bandits Studios, another 2D fighter blending coffee and fencing. The idea seemed enthralling enough and, I must confess, I was eager to give this indie game a chance to impress me.

However, Coffence stakes it’s whole game on the combat and only the combat. There’s skippable dialogue and a plot that some may find endearing, but that I believe only got in the way. And while this game has some genuinely fun moments, it ultimately lacks the appeal to keep me hooked.

A mug Half full…

I could praise a simple combat system that is still tricky at first; I could go on to say I found the game enjoyable for a while, but I won’t. What I want to talk about, instead is how little of Coffence there really is. As I state in the video: within twenty minutes, I had seen the majority of what the indie game has to offer.

I also went on to say, “…could have promise with weekly updates in an early access model.” which is true. But the sad thing is that Coffence is a full release and as a base game is definitely a lacking. You’d have to either enjoy the single-player mode more than I did or play with a friend to get your money’s worth; as the AI is easy to beat after a while.

Overall, Coffence is a simple 2D fighter with little content,  a fairly small roster of characters, a handful of maps, and a focus on playing and replaying with others. There is somewhat of a learning curve as the game adjusts its approach to combat in an effort to fit its coffee-based plot, but I can’t tell if I enjoy the changes or if I’m frustrated by them.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this game, the video above goes through every topic I’ve discussed here. And if you want to try it out for yourself, Coffence is available on Steam for $14,99 or your regional equivalent.