Clam man. He is a man that is also a clam. His name is also Clam Man.

Clam Man just got laid off, and that is kinda where we start. The whole concept is sort of bizarre, to be honest. The game is a rabbit hole down into absurdity, but the good kind of absurdity.

Linear storytelling

Clam man is a point & click in the most basic way; you see things, you click them and a funny caption pops up. The characters are voiced like a mix between the adults from Snoopy and the characters from Banjo Kazooie, and I am frankly fine with that.

The game plays out in different acts and follows a pretty linear but interesting storyline. It’s not a deep one, but that’s also not the point. It’s the humor and the way that it’s all being presented that matters.

Humor in droves

Where Clam Man truly shines is in the humor department. It has been quite a while since I laughed this much playing a game. The humor is dry, witty, punny and extremely self-aware; if you love that, you’ll love the humor of this game.

Every interaction relies on dialogue trees. Usually, one of the options drives the story forward, and the rest are humor devices. All the characters have their own quirks, and act in their own special ways, and that’s what makes them memorable.

Oh yeah, there are puzzles

It wouldn’t be a point & click game if there weren’t any puzzles now, would it? According to their steam descriptions, there are quite a handful. However, I only counted four, which is not a hand half but also not a hand full. Furthermore, I found puzzles too be rather simple, and it is clear how those weren’t the main focus of this project. To be honest, I am thankful for that, since I am not that keen on moonlogic inventory puzzles. If you’re looking for a chalnging experience, however, you may need to seek elsewhere.

Art is a mixed bag of classic cartoon animation, with a hint of hand drawn almost comic book-esque style. It is rather unique, and really gives the game a lot of character.
On top of great art, there’s the original soundtrack. Some funny songs, catchy tunes and one song (no spoilers) that will probably forever be stuck in my head.

In conclusion

If you enjoy great humor, cartoony art and a more storytelling approach to the point & click genre, Clam Man is the game for you. If you yearn for the good old days of moonlogic puzzles and dry British humor. Well then this might not be your cup of tea. But let’s be honest, if you enjoyed games like Monkey Island or King’s Quest I am pretty sure you will enjoy this as well.

The game is fairly short and I beat in around two hours, but those two hours were filled with laughter. Clam Man is available on Steam  or for 8.99 Eur or your local equivalent.