Big Crown Showdown is a game about punching your friends and family off into the abyss to become the champion.  The players find them selfs competing in a race against each other to get to the end. But is it a game a good game to chill with your loved ones this Christmas?

Variety is the spice of life.

There are fifteen different courses to play in Big Crown Showdown, spread over three very different worlds. Let’s start with the Egyptian one, featuring winding pathways of sandstone; scattered with little stalls and pairs of sphinxes, coupled with flowing streams that can sweep the contestants over the edge if they don’t take care. Not to mention the rickety wooden platforms that can become unstable and collapse with use.

As with all the worlds, Egypt looks stunning; the art style is top of its class. Hyper Luminal Games Ltd have created a world that oozes cartoony charm. Furthermore, everything feels alive, which is impressive as you have four people at most on screen at any given time.

There is also a wooded world, that has the players running through a mountainous area avoiding falling boulders, and totems that breath an icy breath that can freeze players in place.

Both of these in my mind pale in comparison to my favorite world, a medieval, steampunk mash-up. Instead of the sandstone landscape of Egypt or a mountainous area, the contestants run along grey slabbed streets.  Avoiding jets of fire that erupt from the ground out of vents, dodging blasts of steam that can throw the players off at any moment.

There can be only one.

The gameplay loop of Big Crown Showdown is straightforward, between two and four plays must race from one end of the level to the other. However this isn’t a pure race, other then the various obstacles the contestants need to keep up with a camera that never stops. Leave the camera, miss, and jump and fall off the edge and a life is lost.

To get ahead, players can punch each other off the course. In other words, playing dirty might be the best way to win. For instance, during a very heated round, there were only two of the four of us  left alive, when one player was frozen next to the edge. He did not finish that race. In contrast, going on the offensive can also cost a player the round. If the player holds down the punch button it can be charger to send the opponent flying; if mistimed the attacker can fling themselves off the edge instead.


This is Big Crown Showdown.

In essence, Big Crown Showdown consists of a simple concept. Possibly repeatedly so, that said in my time playing with friends and family it has been fun. With a release date of December 14th, it is perfectly timed for some seasonal fun with your family and friends. Grab a copy on Steam, PS4 or Xbox One this holiday season and have a showdown with your loved ones.