Not all squires can afford a horse in the world of Balancelot. But a unicycle might just do the trick. That is the premise of this first game by the studio AnvilBird Interactive published by Jestercraft. A rage indu ing, finger cramping adventure in a weird and oddly beatiful world.

Are the rage and the cramping fingers worth it though?

It’s All About Balance

As soon as I started the game I could feel it: that bubbling rage. Worst part about it all is that it was not the game’s fault. It was solely my own for tipping over on my unicycle, again and again and again.

But I never gave up and, after a good thirty or so minutes, I managed to balance myself while simultaneously moving forward without really having to think much about it. And that was just the first obstacle.

Balancelot is a rage game that’s all about balance, speed and platforming puzzles. It starts out fairly simple but ramps in difficulty very quickly. The first few levels, for example, take minutes to beat; but those minutes quickly turn into half hours as you progress.

Prepare For Playing Long Sessions

Yet you won’t be able to put this little indie game down. You can always feel how close you are to beating any level, so you keep on trying until your fingers cramp up. It might be different when using a controller but using a keyboard is cramp city!

That said, I am happy I am not using a controller; it probably would not survive for very long. It has been more than once I’ve wanted to throw my keyboard out the window in pure frustration.

But whenever I am patient and channel my rage into pure focus I get that sweet sweet sensation of reaching a checkpoint/goalpost.Rather than blind luck, Balancelot seems to rewards patience and spending some time each piece of the level.

Longevity Through Solid Level Design

Talking about the levels,  these might be the best Balancelot has to offer. Each stage features obstacles ranging from enemy snails or evil wheels – that you’ll be able to easily kill with your lance – to wooden boards,  that can easily  stop you in your tracks.

Thankfully Balancelot is rather forgiving in its brutality. A few checkpoints strewn throughout each level will make the journey a  little less rage inducing. This system also prevents the player from having to start all over with each failure – thus encouraging us to try our luck one again rather than giving up.

Finally, I’d like to spend some words on Balancelot‘s looks. The artstyle is very unique and reminds me a lot of the old Flying Circus days.  It’s not just the art style that reminds me of Monthy Python, though. The cutscenes of Balancelot also feel like a pure homage to the cartoon sketches. Since you’ll unlock a new one with every level, the cutscenes directly help increase this game’s longevity.

In conclusion

If you love insane difficulty, Monty Python humour and balancing squires on unicycles, then this game is certainly for you! The game was released on March 23rd and is available on Steam for about 5 Dollars or your regional equivalent.

With this price and the punch it can pack, Balancelot definitely deserves a  chance to impress you. Give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below!