I played many games at this year’s AVCon, some were good, some weren’t. However, out of all of them, three video games stood out to me. If you’re looking for new indie games to look out for or perhaps you’re curious what Australian developers are making, then this article will be exactly what you’re after.

Bloodbeard’s Revenge

Captain Hellfire or Dan made Bloodbeard’s Revenge as a homage to retro gaming. He wanted to take players back in time and remind them of what games used to be. And it certainly did. Bloodbeard’s Revenge is a pirate themed dungeon crawler RPG. However, it isn’t like many of the dungeon crawlers we are used to.

With Bloodbeard’s Revenge, you build up attack points to unlock stronger attacks. Once you do, the attacks use a combo method. This may not be what you think. Combos are from following the on-screen prompts. These could be, hitting letters or arrows at specific times to make the attack more powerful. The cursus and defending use the same system once you have enough points. Although, I only used attacks.

Bloodbeard's Revenge Games

Currently there are only two chapters in the game with more are to come. Captain Hellfire is a one-man team. He made the entire game, including the amazing soundtrack. The world the Captain has created truly makes the game feel authentic. I loved everything about Bloodbeard’s Revenge. I can’t wait for the first chapter to be released on September 22nd, 2018.


Blockpocalypse by Dime Studios is a 2D multiplayer party platformer. In this world, lava is rising, and you are your friends must work together to reach the end. You will be using in-world items to build small towers to reach the next level. If you want, you can even pick up your friends.

Blockpocalypse Games

To survive, you must build quickly because the lava will be upon you if you dally. I had a lot of fun playing Blockpocalypse. When playing with my friends the pressure of getting to the end often resulted in some hilarious moments. You can choose from many different playable characters, such as bears, unicorns, sharks or a simple construction worker. I chose a bear.

Blockpocalypse is a shared screen experience, with no online play. Blockpocalypse is currently in early access on Steam.

Primordials: Fireborn

In Fireborn you play as Ash and you’re on a quest to retrieve the memories you’ve lost. Fireborn is a third person action-adventure game. You use both melee attacks and magical abilities to fight the reptilian creatures which pursue you. I played the first level and became intrigued and impressed with the world they’ve created. I fought reptilian creatures with a staff and utilised one of Ash’s magical abilities, a fireball.

Primordials: Fireborn Games

As you play, Ash gives you a narrative on what’s happening and what to do next. Fireborn has 8-12 hours of story driven gameplay. You will be able to explore the world as you please and uncover the secrets it holds.

The developers informed me to get new magical abilities you must progress through the campaign. However, can also yield great results for Ash, such as finding new gear and some sort of currency. I wasn’t told much about currency, other than there’s a hub where you can trade with the Dreg for new gear. In the short amount of time I played, I finished the first area. I was very impressed with what they’ve created thus far and look forward to its release.

Fireborn is currently in pre-alpha with no release date set.


Keep an eye out for these titles in the coming year.