Arevoatl Seven Coins describes itself as an adventure game that has the player going through various levels, following clues given to you by your grandfather.

Follow the Clues and Unravel the Mystery

The game begins with a letter from your grandfather and a series of clues to follow. After that there isn’t much of a story, so I won’t touch on that. Upon beginning this game, I unfortunately was put off by spelling mistakes and the blurry outer edges of the window. Other than that, the graphics were fairly clean and there is a lot of detail in the world.

Arevoatl Seven Coins

The first area is a moderately sized courtyard outside your grandfather’s manor. It’s a grim courtyard that looks like it hasn’t been tended to for quite some time, with overgrown vines and areas that look like they haven’t been touched for a while. This sets the tone for the rest of the game.

To progress you must find a minimum of 10 items in any given area. Items can be masks, crystals and crowns, to name a few. Once you find the first set of items, you’re given a clue of what to look for next. Every stage is more or less the same, you look for sets of items and move on. Finding the objects can go on for a while as the items are well hidden and some levels require 60 items before you can move on. Something which can lead the player to become bored, at least it did with me.

Is It Really an Adventure Game?

From the start I didn’t feel Arevoatl Seven Coins was an adventure game. I would categorise it as more of a puzzle/hidden object game. You’ll need patience and a keen eye to progress, because sometimes it takes a while to find all the objects. Like other puzzle games, some objects are hidden, and you must find a switch or something similar to find them. Most were easy to figure out, but it was still fun and would leave you feeling smart after figuring it out.

Arevoatl Seven Coins

You get specific clues after finding a picture or note, which is added to your journal. Those clues will generally contain a code or a location to find. It’s a good thing Arevoatl Seven Coins has a journal as a feature, if it didn’t I easily would have forgotten half the clues. Many times I don’t think I would’ve known how to progress without them. Underneath the clue is text to help you, which I wish I had remembered earlier in the game. Sometimes I’d be running back and forth trying to find out how to get into a hidden room, until I checked my journal and surprise, there was the hint I needed.

More Clues Please

This being said, clues and hints are far and few between. Much of my time was checking every section of a room to find the next item or code to a puzzle.

Sometimes you had to find way too many items and after a few hours of playing I became bored of the repetitious activities. Arevoatl Games could have lessened the hidden items and given you some more interesting puzzles instead. Luckily, when you can’t find the hidden objects, pressing T would highlight them. Although this feature didn’t work the entire time and has a 10-minute cooldown period; the wait time often had me minimising the game and doing something else, which isn’t good. Occasionally when the highlight feature was ready, the notification would stay on the screen until it was used. As Arevoatl Seven Coins was only recently released, hopefully the developers will fix the issue in an upcoming update. Other than that, I didn’t find any other bugs, which was fantastic.

Arevoatl Seven Coins

However, it does lack features that other games have. There is no crouching, jumping and you can barely look over an object. For a hidden object game, it would have been nice to have been able to look straight down into something. A lot of the time I thought I couldn’t find an object because of the view restrictions.

The interactions with the objects was implemented well and the style worked for the type of game it is. If the developers helped you more with clues and added much more of a story, Arevoatl Seven Coins could be much better, but as it is now, it’s too basic. I look forward to seeing what they do with it in the future.


Arevoatl Seven Coins is currently available for purchase on Steam.