It’s not uncommon, for an indie studio, to try something new every once in a while. With Another Sight, the Italian team at Lunar Great Wall Studios answered a rather peculiar question: “what if the main character in a video-game could barely see what they were doing throughout the adventure?”

We’ve received a copy of the studio’s project and simply had to give it a go for ourselves. So, in the next few paragraphs, let’s see what Another Sight can bring to the table and if this puzzle-platformer really has the potential to innovate the gaming industry as a whole.

Divide Et Impera

On paper, the concept behind this game is both daring and genuinely interesting. Following the collapse of a tunnel she was exploring, Kit is left with no way to get back home. On top of that, the damage and the shock seem to have impaired her vision, making her almost completely blind. Is it then that she meets a mysterious cat that goes by the name of Hodge.Another-Sight-hodge-the-indie-toaster

At a loss for options, the girl quickly realizes that relying on the fluffy beast might be her only ticket to the surface. The duo begins a journey that will take them through a secret world below the city of London; forcing them to cooperate in order to beat various puzzles, unlock new paths, and best an array of challenges.

Another Sight clearly prides itself on the environments it created and gives us plenty of chances to take it all in. Kit’s frequent monologues, the surprising plot (which I won’t spoil for you), the pleasant music, and the fragments of lore we find scattered throughout the levels further add depth to this otherworldly scenario; returning a title that could go against the best its genre has to offer.

Yes… Yes… But Does The System Work?

This is definitely a hard question to answer. From a purely technical standpoint, there’s nothing I could regard as wrong with Another Sight. The game ran well on my machine, the graphics were crisp and the events engaging enough to keep me playing. On the other hand, however, I did run into some minor issues as I tagged along for the ride!

While Kit will be quite literally able to see sounds – a thing the internet jokingly associates with high doses of caffeine – she also becomes entirely dependent on them. For the girl to see what’s going on around her, something must be making noise. And more often than not, that means using Hodge as a walking soundboard of sorts!


Another solution to the problem simply isn’t there. The lack of visibility will force Kit to slow to a crawl, with all the frustration that comes with it. For the best part of the adventure, Another Sight comes down to keeping the two characters close enough so that the latter can be the former’s eyes.

This peculiar choice also has us frequently switching between the two protagonists, turning the entire title into one giant puzzle. Finding a path in the darkness can be a challenge and moving back and forth clearly didn’t aid the overall feeling of immersion. Add the fact that Hodge mysteriously refuses to follow in her companion’s steps sometimes and you can realize how hard progressing can be.

So… Would You Recommend Another Sight?

If you can come to terms with the frequent backtracking and with the fact you’ll have to guess what’s ahead of you at times, I don’t see why you shouldn’t give Another Sight a chance to impress you.

You might have to deal with frustration at some point – hell, it might even lead to a Another-Sight-kit-the-indie-toasterfew rage-quits – but the adventure that’s in store is simply worth the hassle. There’s no other way to put it, Lunar Great Wall Studios’s indie game deserves a  bit of your attention; even just to understand whether you two could be a good match!

If anything, I do wish the developers added a multiplayer option to their project. Giving two people the ability to control a character each – either online or through a horizontal split-screen mode – would have made the whole journey arguably a bit more interesting! Still, there’s no reason to doubt the Italian developers might decide to do so in the future.

In the meantime,  my suggestion is that you head over to Another Sight’s Steam Page and get yourself a copy! The game is also available on the Humble Store, with the advantage that buying it from the second link lets you support what we do here at the Toaster.

So.. what are you waiting for? There’s an underground London to explore!