Airships: Conquer The Skies is a shipbuilding and combat game by solo developer David Stark. We got the chance to meet each other at Ludiciousfest last year and were pretty hyped up about his upcoming release including a couple features we thought to be rather exclusive.

The game, that came out on August 16th, has actually been in development for quite a long time, since 2015. However, it certainly has gone a long way since then, receiving multiple bug fixes and improvements, with the addition of new features and game modes. You now can find it on Steam and on the Humble Store for only 14.99€.

For the latter option, a small percentage will be given to a charity, and you will be even able to support our website by purchasing through this link.

Let’s Bring it On!

After this brief introduction, it’s time to dive into the spunky pixel-y world of Airships: Conquer The Skies.

Airships: Conquer the Skies

A little reminder to all my fellow anxious gamers: the tutorial is actually important. Shipbuilding is a serious business, and it’s rather tough to grasp its basics unless the player follows a quite long – but overall fun- tutorial in which you are tasked to control and craft different models of airships.

After trying to play without any training, I had to surrender and get back to it. Once I got used to the pace of the game and the major shipbuilding techniques, I was ready to start building whatever came out of my mind and dive into the juicy part of Airships: Conquer the Skies.

The game features various game modes. You can either complete the main missions, design your own airship and fight, or even start a conquest campaign.

This latest mode is probably my favorite so far, allowing the player to strategically expand their lands and defeat some rather challenging AI system. Not only will the player have to manage their finances, buying new ships to conquer new lands, but also build defenses in order to keep them safe from enemy attacks. Victory is not an easy task, but yet a rather challenging one. David also did not hide that he has in plan another update in order to make this mode even more articulated and fun to play.

The last single-player mode is the replay one, that allows retaking the same matches and learn from previous mistakes.

Did You Say Multiplayer?

Airships: Conquer The Skies also offers an online multiplayer option. As of now, it’s been rather hard to find a match to play due to an insufficient number of players, and that is an issue that affects most small online indie games. We can only hope the game takes off so we can get to experience the competitiveness and fun that fights and conquests have to offer.

I’ve enjoyed my time with this option nevertheless, but I feel it could be a leading feature in future, having high “viral potential” as well as being overall a blast to play. For now, the game might benefit from the merging of the two servers -USA and Europe- as often both of them don’t see many players.

Still, this feels like just a small downside for a game that has so much to offer apart from multiplayer, and certainly won’t disappoint the lovers of this genre.