Upon beginning Adventure Delivery Service – indie game by solo developer Miller Tinkerhess – you’ll receive a complaint from a customer telling you their package was stolen. Because you were the one who delivered it, naturally it is your job to retrieve it!

You take this quest on with gusto: delving into the depths of a dungeon, but not before killing the creatures loitering the streets.  You’ll soon swing, stab, shoot magic and blow your way through enemies; all whilst trying to complete your delivery.

You Take Your Job Very Seriously

Before we go any further, you should be warned: don’t play this game if you’re looking for a story. Adventure Delivery Service is a simple hack and slash dungeon crawler with the majority of the plot already unfolding in its premise. There’s no deeper meaning; no greater good. You’re simply someone who’s trying  to accomplish a task.

In laymen’s terms, this indie game follows the general dungeon crawler formula that many of us know so well. As you progress through levels and the difficulty rises, the enemies have varying strengths and weaknesses. If you want to survive,  you need to take care and not charge straight into the next room. Usually,  walking in and having a quick look to assess the enemies is your smartest play.

You Need Gear, and Fast!

Your character spawns with nothing but the clothes on their back, but you shouldn’t worry.  You’ll get weapons fairly quickly. Monsters drop various items upon death which include both equipment and currency. Take care, though, as enemies can easily overwhelm you if you don’t have something that does decent damage or a shield.

When you get overwhelmed, there’re a few things you can do to save your own skin. I recommend throwing bombs: they work great for crowd control or to help you escape behind a box. Additionally – if you have a magic wand that specialises in area of effect damage – that will work just as well!

Still, a wand isn’t the only magical weapon you can wield. Swords and bows can also be imbued with magical effects that usually coincide with fire, ice and time. The categories are pretty self-explanatory. Fire will burn the enemy, ice will freeze your opponents, and time will slow them down. All are effective, and I recommend using them as much as possible.

Adventure Delivery Service

Armour, Upgrades, and Shopkeepers

On the contrary, armor and gear isn’t really what you would expect. Instead of protecting the player, they focus on different stat boosts.  Crowns, for example, increase enemy coin drops and baseball hats will increase a sport weapon’s damage. I personally opted against the crown, as coins are extremely easy to get and you’re often quickly at capacity.

My advice is to get anything that boosts your attack power. I  also found shields to be a great help, as they can parry nearly every attack. However, don’t expect all shields to be able block everything: some are limited to defending against certain elements or weapons. I was nearly always on guard and it saved my life many more times than I’m willing to admit.

Adventure Delivery Service

As far as commerce is concerned, there are two types of currency in Adventure Delivery Service: coins and chips. Coins are used to purchase items from the shop you’ll find once per stage. I honestly haven’t bought anything from it yet, because I found the items to be weaker than those I already had. Additionally, your coins don’t carry over when you die, so you can’t buy anything straight away.

Chips, on the other hand are spent on upgrades for your character. Upgrades vary from movement speed, weapon attack power, enlarging your bomb radius and increased coin drops. The only way to do upgrades is from computer terminals, which can be found in dungeons and shops. I recommend you start upgrading your character as soon as possible, it greatly helps you to progress.

Fights Can Be… Brutal!

Speaking of upgrades, we can’t avoid mentioning just how much they influence your ability to deal damage. The enemies will sometimes be difficult and upgrading your character does make things a bit better. I only ran into a couple of issues with Adventure Delivery Service and – annoyingly enough – they all had something to do with combat!

I found the combat mechanics to be counter intuitive. Your character attacks in the direction of the cursor and not where the character is facing, a peculiarity which – as you can imagine – confused me a lot. Additionally, the cursor can be difficult to see. I also found ranged aiming to be slightly off, however that was only by a small margin. There is an autolock feature but that too can be fidgety.

What Now For Adventure Delivery Service?

In the end, the one we saw here is a fun indie game to play when you don’t have much spare time. It is a simple, casual, and easy-going dungeon crawler that doesn’t aim to impress but still has its perks. It automatically saves when you get to a new chapter allowing you to continue where you left off and making for the perfect title to play in short bursts.

Still, here at The Indie Toaster, we hope the developer will work to polish their project, turning it into a more fleshed out dungeon crawler that can keep us glued to the screen for much longer! We’d like to see a story and – why not – maybe even skill-trees or a dynamic plot!

Adventure Delivery Service is currently available for purchase on Steam. If you feel this indie game might be for you, it can be yours for 4,99$ US. Cheaper than a cup of coffee and – in our opinion – completely worth it!