There’s still a week to take advantage of the Humble Bundle Spring Sale. Until May 23rd, you will have the chance to buy thousands of AAA and indie titles at great prices, which are granted to have you save some of that precious money, as well as getting a great selection of the finest gems.

We chose some of our favourite titles among the many. If you’re interested in purchasing one, we scattered some links throughout the article, which will also support our little project; with no extra fees on your side.



Astroneer is a great fun multiplayer game set in 25th-century space. With its main mechanics residing in planet-molding, spacecraft and exploration, the only limit is your fantasy! After over three years in early access, Astroneer finally released this February, obtaining great reviews all over Steam.

I personally adore the detailed settings and colorful landscapes, as well as the survival component, that made it all more intriguing. The game is currently available with a 20% discount on the Humble Store, and it’s a must-have for the lovers of the genre.


Talk about indies, and there are some that stand out for a reason or another. The first Overcooked has certainly had a great fortune in the past years, and there’s no wonder why. Thanks to its fun and hectic gameplay, kid-friendly features and sociality-encouraging dynamics, this game is certainly one of the most enjoyable ones to play with friends. Take part to a frantic dare to the last slice, collaborate to prepare the best dish possible, or fail heroically while attempting.

Both Overcooked and Overcooked! 2 are currently on sale on Humble until next week.

Dead Cells

This one is a huge indie hit of 2018. With over twenty thousand positive reviews on Steam, Dead Cells is a frantic rogue-lite Metroidvania game. Its stunning pixel graphics and hardcore mechanics make it super addictive, and a must-have for lovers of the genre.

The goal is to defeat various bosses, proceeding through an ever-changing castle setting. There’s no checkpoint, and failure is harshly penalized, as it implies to go back to the beginning, losing all progress made in the level.  I wholeheartedly recommend Dead Cells for it’s an outstanding example of its kind, that will probably be remembered for quite a while.

You can find it on Humble for quite the bargain.

Monster prom

Monster Prom

For those who may be looking for a different experience, Monster Prom is a brilliant LGBTQ+ dating sim, featuring quirky monsters, humour and a lot of fun. Adult themes are included in this one, so it may not be the game to play with your kids. Monster Prom really stands out for dynamics such as a multiplayer version, and the fact that you really do get rejected a lot.

Every conquer is a win, and its brilliant writing, alongside with cutesy graphics are such a delight to witness. Monster Prom also brilliantly succeeded in avoiding the repetition of situations and events you often start feeling when re-playing visual novel-like games. By mixing events and situation up to a total of about 1000+, Monster Prom aces replayability, and won’t feel as if, once played, it’s not enjoyable anymore.

The game’s currently on Humble for 5.99 €, and oh, is it worth it!

wheels of aurelia

Wheels Of Aurelia

Created by Italian developers Santa Ragione, Wheels Of Aurelia is a short driving sim game with a unique take on the subject. Lella, the protagonist of this unique experience, is a woman traveling in 1970’s Italy, alongside Aurelia road.

By interacting with characters along the way, she’ll get the chance to take part in crazy illegal races, argue with bigot priests and so much more, depicting the broken-but-steady Italy of 1970. Quite a turbulent period, made of terrorist attacks, kidnappings, and much more. With 16 outcomings, the game’s also replayable over and over with no risk to get bored too soon.

The game is brilliant in its historical adaptation and deserves a mention on the list, just for the fact that, for 0,89€, it’s a huge steal.

…And Many, Many More

To be honest, were we to write the full list of games that deserved a mention in this list, we wouldn’t be able to deliver on time.

Apart from the previously mentioned gems, this Spring’s Humble Bundle sale includes classics like Shovel Knight, Undertale, The Stanley Parable, the compelling To The Moon and Finding Paradise; which should be in the library of every indie gaming lover.

If you’re looking for a great game to play with friends, you can opt for Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, of which we already talked about in previous articles, and love playing together every now and then.

The list would still go on for quite a while, so if you’re interesting to discover more you should check it out yourself!