So I breezed through around six games in my EGX Rezzed round up. This cut out a lot of what I got up to, so I am taking this chance to tell you all more about some fantastic games that I got my mitts on. EGX Rezzed had over a hundred games, so I think I have cut things down nicely! Here are 16 more games from EGX rezzed.

So 16 More Games. Is There An Order To This?

Slight detour before I start, I feel the need to state this list is not done in a particular order. This literally just 16 more games, not ordered in anyway what so ever. Oh and secondly this is a slightly different layout than normal just because I am covering such a large quantity of games. Right! On with the list.

  1. Space Cows– This udderly wonderful game is rather self explanatory. You are in space and there are cows. Your task is to save these cows by solving puzzles in zero gravity. I found this game really fun and simple to pick up.
  2. Deflection Dimension– Think The Binding Of Isaac minus the ability to attack plus a mirror. This game has a very unique feature where to attack you have to deflect the enemies attack. I was terrible but it was so addictive.
  3. Skuiggle– This was an odd game. You are a rainbow snake thing and you collect things while leaving a colourful trail. As you advance your movement style changes and that is about it. It wasn’t for me but I do see how others may find it a fun co-op game especially young gamers.
  4. Windlands 2– This VR game really made you feel like you were swinging through the world. Graphic wise it still needs improvement to the level that it did slightly detract from the game for me. Despite this the game was enjoyable and makes me question getting VR.
  5. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn– This fun fighter was immensely popular with its fun characters and addictive gameplay. While the game itself was fun there were a few jokes that I found questionable, so I am still undecided on Grip, EGX, EGX Rezzed, 16 more games, The Indie Toaster this one.
  6. Grip– A revamp of an old racing game which looks gorgeous. The fluidity was amazing and while I did not play the original I would definitely play this.
  7. Aperion Cyberstorm– This twin-stick bullet hell was a laugh to play with friends. With a mix of co-op campaign, wave mode and versus this game has a lot to do. It is colourful and easy to pick up.
  8. Hello My Name Is Nobody– While I only got to try a small demo, it was clear this game had potential. A really weird chat based game that left me confused but in a good way. A shout out to the developer as well who let me sign the wall after I played which was super cool.Tracks The Train Set Game, EGX, EGX Rezzed, 16 more games, The Indie Toaster
  9. Tracks- The Train Set Game– For the creative sort this is a game for you. Making a track and decorating it with fireworks, people and more. Personally I wasn’t a fan of the simple nature of the game.
  10. The Endless Mission– Have you ever wanted to combine genres? Well now you have the chance! This crazy game is full of endless possibilities and gives you the best of all genres in one. I adored this game it was fun, interesting and different.
  11. State Of Mind- Set in a futuristic world with robots, you play as a man who has lost his memory. The art style is captivating and the story intriguing. There was lots to interact with and is a game that is now on my wishlist.
  12. Sinner: Sacrifice For RedemptionA very Dark Souls style game that has Sinner, EGX,EGX Rezzed, 16 more games, The Indie Toaster you vanquishing some extremely challenging foes. It created a great atmosphere that made you determined to conquer a foe no matter how little progress you were making.
  13. Onrush- I am not a fan of racing games for the pure fact I am terrible at them. Onrush is a team game where the aim isn’t to be first but to earn time by crushing cars and going through checkpoints. This game is brilliant and changed my opinion on car games.
  14. Lingotopia An exploration game that also helps you learn another language. With tons of languages to choose from the idea behind this game is phenomenal. While there are a few bugs to work out when the game is released it will be a fantastic way to learn a new language.
    Lingotopia, EGX, EGX Rezzed, 16 more games, The Indie Toaster
  15. Insane Robots– A turn base robot fighting game with a surprisingly good story. The design of this game is sweet though feels geared towards younger players there was still a lot of enjoyment for older ones too.
  16. Battlezone: Combat CommanderAnother remaster this FPS-RTS is awesome even for someone who never played the original. This game is fun and varied with a gripping campaign.

Anything Catch Your Eye?

So there you have 16 more games form EGX Rezzed. If any of them do appeal to you, make sure you give them a gander as some of them are already released! I have a fair few favourites on this list of 16 more games but, if I had to pick one, it would be Lingotopia because I am a sucker for an educational game. I always found learning a new language hard so would love too see if Lingotopia could help me master another language. Feel free to comment below what game appeals to you. We would love to know!