A Few Words About This Project

The Indie Toaster is a bilingual online magazine based out of Italy. Our goal – aside from offering young writers a platform where to practice – is bridging the gap between independent creatives and their potential costumers.

The project was born in April 2017, following a sudden realization. When our well-known compatriots behind the IndieVault pulled the curtain over their show, they left a huge gap in the media. Independent companies -both in Italy and in the rest of the world – kept blossoming, but it seemed almost impossible to find a publication that could describe their efforts in a critical and analytical way.

It is upon these foundations that our work is built. Bilingualism allows us to take in a second opinion: analyzing the industry from multiple sides. Our final objective? To lock onto and study a complex world in an informal and friendly way.

Why The Indie… Toaster?!

This is probably the question we face the most. Considering all possible combinations, why would we ever raise a kitchen appliance as our banner? The reasons behind this choice are several.

At first, we wanted to pay our homages to toaster video games. These light and compact releases have been for years the most common project for smaller independent teams. Fast to download and not too demanding, toaster games can run even on older machines.

Additionally, as a verb, to toast conveys two different concepts. The first is consumption of copious spirits, particularly appropriate to celebrate any creative effort. The second is to roast a piece of bread until it becomes crunchy and delicious, but also to burn something. Not all opinions can be positive, after all!

What If I Want To Help?

The Indie Toaster is, at least for the moment, maintained by a team of volunteering geeks and enthusiasts. University students, young professionals, and all aspiring writers are more than welcome to join us!

Do you think you have what it takes to help us reach our goals? Send us an email or contact us through our social channels! You’ll always find someone eager to answer you!

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