The Indie Toaster’s Reviews Grading Scale

Sooner or later, just about any entertainment website ends up publishing a review or two. These are a great way to reward good products and to give their teams a touch of visibility. Reviews also give you a general idea of how things are and may influence your choices.

With The Indie Toaster though, we wanted to do something different. Instead of a wall of text telling fans how good or bad a certain item is, we thought of a proper feedback that can help creatives and studios improve both on a personal level and on a commercial one.

As such, our reviews often contain observations, remarks, and suggestions. We hope for all artists involved to take their time with them, understanding what could have been done differently. In theory, this benefits everybody!

Stars? Sliders? Numbers?

None of the above, actually. We want our readers to go through the text and grasp the hows and whys behind our words. Reviews stem from a series of personal experiences. These details play a vital part in the results; blindly staring at stats won’t take you anywhere.

Don’t worry, though! Important aspects of each product will still be taken into consideration: the ones that somehow caught our attention. Instead of a score from 1/10 or a series of colorful bars, we’ll throw a short paragraph your way. Read it and you’ll understand our opinions in full. Your future is definitely worth a few moments of your time!

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