Site Policies and Terms of Use

This section contains  the set of rules upon which The Indie Toaster (aka the Toasterthe site, IT) is built and maintained. By interacting with the site, its staff or any related assets, users automatically agree to all the following terms. Arguments, disputes, and claims will be settled according to our ToS as well as local and international regulations.

The Indie Toaster reserves the right to modify the contents of this document without giving its visitors any prior notice. Although unlikely, major changes to our policies, mission, structure or approach will still be announced through our social media channels. For more information, please refer to the bottom of this page.

On Relationships and Transparency

Spending time with creatives and sharing ideas irremediably leads to the birth of some form of friendship. Unfortunately, such an outcome has been known to negatively influence the degree of objectivity with which certain individuals tend to approach a product when tasked with reviewing it.

At The Indie Toaster, we do our best to put a stop to favoritism and to give all of the creators whose work we analyze an equal and fair treatment. Failure to do so would be detrimental to our readers, who visit the site in hope of finding a clear and unadulterated opinion upon which they can make their choices.

To ensure the impartiality of all reviews and content, we take personal relationships into account when distributing assignments to our team. For full transparency, we ask our writers to clearly state all standing affinities – if any exist to begin with -within the first few lines of the articles they curate.

On Copyright and Ownership

The Indie Toaster’s name, tagline, logo, structure, and the contents of all articles are copyright-protected assets. Under the Bern Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works unauthorized reproduction, use, redistribution, translation, and adaptation – where any of these fall beyond the realm of fair use – are forbidden.  A summary of this international treaty and a list of its signatories are available here.

Unless otherwise noted, all audiovisual content on the site belongs to its rightful owners. We use screenshots, illustrations, trailers, gameplay footage, and similar resources for the purpose of critique. In the United States, “criticism and comment
are classic examples of fair use” (Hosseinzadeh v Klein: p.14 – August 23, 2017). In Italy, similar activities are regulated by the country’s Civil Code, Law on The Protection of Copyright (n. 633, article 70; April 22, 1941).

Please refer to your local legislation or qualified legal personnel for further information.

On Events and Travelling

In accordance with the site’s mission and our publishing schedule, members of The Indie Toaster’s team might take part in conventions, unveilings, showcases, and other events. As a precaution, we ask that anybody willing to contribute to our project has reached the age of maturity according to their country’s law.

Under normal circumstances, each of these people will ultimately be held responsible for their own behavior, degree of professionalism, and overall conduct. In the off chance that unlawful incidents involving one of our writers were to take place during an event, The Indie Toaster remains available to co-operate with both local law authorities and private security firms to mitigate the damage and restore order.

Ultimately, when attending public gatherings, our staff might deem it necessary to capture several kinds of media. Unless otherwise specified photos, video, and audio recordings will all be published under Creative Common’s CC BY-SA 4.0 license. Were visitors unhappy with their likeness being put in the public domain, we invite them to submit a request for removal through our dedicated contact form.

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