As the hot season draws closer, so do many indie gaming conventions. Among them, Indie Prize Serbia 2018 sets out to give developers the chance to join one of the industry’s biggest competitions and win a full scholarship to attend Casual Connect in October 2018.

Once a team of developers submit their game, a jury of volunteers will play through it and analyze every aspect of their work. There’s a few conditions your project will have to meet before it is allowed to enter the competition; including the fact that the title must be playable, that at least 15 minutes of gameplay are available, and that you own at least 50% of the IP.

Nevertheless, such restrictions don’t seem to have discouraged indie devs from trying their luck. The organizers behind Indie Prize Serbia 2018 have said to be  expecting more than 400 submissions and were recently still accepting applications to be a part of the jury.

The winners of contest will be announced between September 1st and September 3rd, 2018. Indie developers who’re interested in participating can read more about the event and sign up by visiting this link before August 1st.

What Else Happens at Casual Connect?

As its name might suggest, Casual Connect was first organized to give industry veterans as well as newbies a place to meet, exchange, and grow. The event takes pride in being one of the best known meet-ups throughout the world of indie gaming and goes out of their way to provide attendees with a safe space for learning.

This year, Casual Connect Serbia sports the usual line-up of speakers as well as dedicated workshops, networking opportunities, and the aforementioned Indie Showcase. Although the event is still being planned, you can visit its official web-page if you wish to remain up to date with all the latest news!