In a last-minute announcement, THQ Nordic told the press that their upcoming game, This Is The Police 2, would see the light of  day a bit earlier than expected. After missing the deadline the first time around, the publisher felt it’d be a good idea to take everybody by storm and surprise them!

What’s wrong with our publishing buttons? Somebody write us a ticket: After forgetting to press the ‘Go Live’ button for the original This Is The Police PC release, this time we pressed it a bit too early…

The game, originally scheduled to hit the market on August 2nd, is instead available to play right now. Fans can already add the PC or Mac version to their Steam collection or buy a copy on This Is The Police 2 will also  be on consoles, but we’ll have to wait until next autumn for that.

What’s This Is The Police 2?

Building on the success of the first installment, Weappy  Studio and THQNordic crafted a sequel that drags players right back in. This Is The Police 2 puts us in control of the Sharpwood Police Department. As the city struggles to find a new sheriff, we’ll be given full authority to uphold the law.

Much like its predecessor, this indie game is a good mix of strategy, management, and narrative. We’ll be pitched against unpredictable situations that can test our ability to take immediate action. Every choice we make impacts the world around us, while we juggle between doing the right thing and saving our people’s skin.

The game’s reveal trailer shows us a bit more about This Is The Police 2’s protagonist and hints at some unresolved business that still haunts him. Rushing to the side of an old friend, might it be that we just bit more than we could chew?