One week ahead of the game’s scheduled release date, THQNordic’ This is The Police 2 welcomes us to Sharpwood with a brand-new trailer! Dark and dreary, the setting for this sequel seems to harbor more violence than we expected!

The short video is accompanied by a sad saxophone and piano track that further conveys the atmosphere of this place. We can see rival groups battling for supremacy, dead bodies littering the streets, and staunch policemen still upholding the law as their blouses are on fire!

With the first episode still fresh in our collective memory, This Is The Police 2 looks like it’ll have all it needs to keep up the pace and give us another great adventure to play through!

A Bit More About This Is The Police 2

Just like its predecessor, This Is The Police 2 sets out to offer a good mix of adventure and management. We’ll be once again at the head of a Local Police Department, stretched thin as we try to both survive and keep the county just a tad safer.

This won’t only mean handing out equipment and pointing our squaddies in a general direction. Formulating a solid plan appears to be the only way to make it out of there alive, as each choice irremediably influences the outcomes and the story appears to spiral out of our control; dragging anyone we love along with it!

Now, for the important part: we won’t have to wait much longer to get our hands on the game. This Is The Police 2 is set to hit the Steam Store on August 2, 2018 and you can already wishlist if you’re afraid you’ll forget the date!

THQNordic and developer Weappy Studio also announced that their game will be available on consoles, with PS4, Nintendo Switch, and XBOX fans being able to play it as early as this autumn!