Just like all good things come to an end, the Programming Cookbooks Bundle by Humble is about to expire. You’ll only have about 24 hours to get your hands on this pack of resources before the deal is gone forever.

As usual, Humble will let you choose how much you want to spend; directly influencing the number of books you’ll bring home as a result. And like with any other bundle, purchasing through the link at the end of this article will help you support what we do here at The Indie Toaster.

Does the offer sound enticing? Then keep reading to find out more! And if you decide the bundle is worth its price, don’t forget to adjust the sliders to choose who gets a cut of the price upon checkout.

What’s On The Table This Time Around?

Developed alongside the experts at O’Reilly, the Programming Cookbooks Bundle  contains up to 15 volumes dedicated entirely to the world of coding. The books are all DRM-free, available in multiple formats, and designed to give both newcomers and veterans with plenty of actionable tips!

SQL cookbook oreilly humble programming cookbooks bundleAcquiring the books is also pretty simple. Spend just 1 dollar – or your regional equivalent – to receive the first five volumes of the Programming Cookbooks Bundle; including guides on Perl, PHP, and Android. You’ll be sent a link to download the files and these will be yours to keep, even if you decide not to to move to the next tier.

If, instead, you want to add more to your library, the second group of volumes can also be yours for a grand total of about 8 bucks. These five additional books deal with both standard languages such as SQL and Javascript as well as more complex environments like Arduino or the Rasperry Pi.php cookbook oreilly humble programming cookbooks bundle

Finally, for those that want to go all-in, there are five more books on sale. Adding 7 more dollars to the price of the second tier will let you buy the entire Programming Cookbooks Bundle, meaning that – on top of what we already mentioned, you’ll also get to learn about Scala, CSS, Python, Docker, and R!

You can read more about the Humble Programming Cookbooks Bundle right here.