Save the date of July 24, 2018 for The Business of Indie Games – Virtual Summit 2018. Starting from that and until July 27, Hound Picked Games – an award winning PR company- will line up some exceptional speakers that you will be able to see just by simply sitting in your living room.

No need to travel, no need of rough sleeping, no need to plan ahead but just to sit and relax in your own hometown. Adding to that, the whole event is free, even though the organizers offer the chance to upgrade to a full-access ticket starting at 99$.  This will get you many additional features such as marketing opportunities and exclusive downloadable content.

Why Should You Follow The Business of Indie Games – Virtual Summit?

Among the rich lineup of speakers it is worth to mention Dom Matthews, commercial director of Ninja Theory (Hellblade- Xenua’s Sacrifice); Anya Combs, Outreach Lead at Kickstarter; Ago Simonetta, Regional Lead at EMEA Microsoft, and so many more.

Every day of the event will be focusing on a single aspect of the industry, such as marketing, moneymaking, publishing and innovation; offering an insight by experts in the field. Whether you’re just as aspiring developer; an experienced creator of video-games or a marketer, you should consider taking the time to jump online and update your knowledge about the industry!

If you have a game to present to the eyes of a publisher, a pr person or an investor, the event will also give you the chance to do so through their exclusive Global Indie Matchmaking! Register your project – the deadline is on July 27th –  to get the chance to pitch it in 30 minutes to them… and possibly boost the effectiveness of your marketing game!

Find out more abut The Business Of Indie Games – Virtual Summit 2018 and get further involved here.